Yurithon in Montreal, Day 2

August 5th, 2017

I’m just going to start today’s post off with a repeat of something I said yesterday – get out and see the place you’re in.

We began our day with a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal. It was wonderful. The sound installation by, I think, the Ritters in the Expo ’67 exhibit was top-notch.

And so is Yurithon! Today I had one presentation, to a full room of enthusiastic people. We didn’t get to do many questions, and that’s my fault, sorry. But there’s two panels today Must-Read / Must-Watch Yuri from 1-3 and A Yuri Otaku in Japan from 7-8.Things will be given away. ^_^

Right after my panel, Shannon C. led an excellent panel on recommended Yuri anime. We enjoyed listening to her and her panelist talk about so many great series. I hope to see her today to tell her in person.

See you tomorrow!


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