Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – August 12, 2017

August 12th, 2017

Yuri Manga

From Birz Comics, Planet Closet (惑星クローゼット) by Tsubana is a “Yuri-ish” sci-fi story involving two girls from alternate dimensions, giant monsters and a threat to humanity. Huh. Sounds pretty good. 

Takemiya Jim-sensei noted that a preview chapter from Fujyourina Atashi-tachi (不条理なあたし達) is available on on Hakusensha’s  Rakuen La Paradis Volume 24 (楽園 Le Paradis)  web site.

Takemiya-sensei has joined a number of other popular Yuri manga artists in Yuricon: Jimoto Hougenhen (地元方言編) which is available for your Kindle in Japan or in the US! Great name, too. ^_^

Via Mey on Autostraddle, the Hi-Fi Fight Club by Carly Usdin looks super fun!


Yuri Anime

ANN reports that Viz is streaming a clip of the dub of Sailor Moon Crystal‘s 3rd season.

Crunchyroll has added Haibane Remei,and Michiko & Hatchin (which is not Yuri, but was a damn good female lead anime) to their catalog!

ANN reports that the second of two films for the franchise, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation has been announced.


Yuri Essay 

I was asked to write a short piece on why we call the genre “Yuri” as opposed to the publisher-generated “Girls Love.” (Long story short, “Yuri” keeps the connection between the genre and lesbian culture.) Read Why We Call It Yuri on Anime Feminist.


Other News

Are you looking for women in comics to hire, follow, or support? Are you a woman in comics looking to promote your work? Take a look at the #visiblewomen hashtag begin by Kelly Sue DeConnick on Twitter. Priscilla Frank wrote a great piece on Huffington Post about the hashtag – and why it’s stupid that the comics industry is still using tired excuses for not “being able to find” women to hire in The Comic Book Industry Officially Has No Excuse Not To Hire Women.

The folks at Asia Rising have a very interesting article about the five out Japanese LGBTQ assembly members, who are working together to raise LGBTQ awareness and push forward equality under the law in Japan.

Disney Junior channel has added an interracial lesbian couple to the show Doc MacStuffins. The episode is about family emergency preparedness.

Looking for good summer reading? OZY has 5 Lesbian Literary Novels you shouldn’t miss! Ignore the Beavis & Butthead intro and just nab and borrow the titles from your library. ^_^;


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