Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – August 19, 2017

August 19th, 2017

LGBTQ Comics Event

August 19 and 20 (today and tomorrow) is Flamecon, NYC’s only all-LGBTQ comic event! I’ll be presenting the Discovering Yuri Manga (which they have inexplicably named “Into the Depths“) at 1:00 on Sunday. See you there! Sunday, they are doing a Youth Day promotion. All attendees under 21 can enter for free! What a lovely idea. So bring a young friend who loves Yuri !



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Yuri Manga

YNN Correspondent Rob has written in from Italy to let us know that Girl Friends by Milk Morinaga is being published in 5 volumes in Italy!

Sakura Trick wraps up in the October issue of Mangatime Kirara magazine on sale September 27th. Comic Natalie reports.

Also from Comic Natalie, Ours magazine, (home of After Hours manga) is starting up a high school Yuri drama called Atashi no Sempai.

Awajima Hyakkei, (淡島百景) Shimura Takako’s webcomic about an all-female performing troupe that in no way is anything like Takarazuka, has made it to Volume 2.

Oh oh! And! Konno Kita has a new Yuri manga collection called Lily Lily Rose from Birz Comics, which I think is a great publisher for her slightly off-beat creeptastic, but beautiful, Yuri.

Hakusensha is putting all of Shimizu Reiko’s Kaguya-hime on e-book, with the first three volumes free and the rest 30% off on their e-book site (in Japanese, there is no licensed translation.). This series has it all, Yuri, BL, incest, clones, alien mold, survival on an island, an ancient feudal Chinese kingdom and utter craziness. I recommend it highly!

Fujeida Miyabi’s Colorful End Contents are available on Comic Walker for free. This is just one chapter for his Comic Cune entry, but it’s nice to see his work again. And, while I was searching Fujieda-sensei’s work, I see that his “headphone girl” doujinshi collection Aamairo Crossover is available on US Kindle!


Anime News

Crunchyroll is doing a spotlight on Aria the Animation, which they have added to their streaming catalog, just as Nozomi/RightStuf is running a Kickstarter for an Aria dub release! AND Komatsu-san at Crunchyroll reports on the special long promotional video for Aria the Avennire – which is headed to Blu-Ray, He notes that “all three episodes in one 60-minute disc was announced in May. The set also comes with a bonus DVD that includes two stage reading parts by the voice actresses from the events in June 2016 and April 2017.”

Nozomi also announced a definitive Blu-Ray edition of the complete Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series and movie at their Otakon panel last weekend. (I’m sure it will be amazing…and just I can’t get past the screwed up dimensions of the model images on their press release. It’s stupid, but the boxes are just so out of proportion…)

Crunchyroll also has a spotlight on Yoshitomi Abe’s series Haibane Renmei, which is on my “to rewatch” list.

One more from Crunchyroll News. Anime Studio Mappa listed a new anime spearheaded by Utena director, Ikuhara Kunihiko. No more details available at this time, but I’m sure we’ll hear more as time goes on. Scott Green also reports on an issue of Eureka magazine that focuses on Ikuhara and his work. (Some of you may remember that Eureka magazine ran the Current State of Yuri Culture issue from December 2014, as well.)


Other News

Gyan28-san has put together a really huge, comprehensive list of Japanese LGBTQ groups online if that interests you. It interests me, so I have a smaller, still-growing Twitter list of JP LGBTQ resources to follow.

The Guardian has a lovely photo set called Love Island! LGBTQ Japan – in pictures.

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Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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  1. Will says:

    It’s amusing to see how often Takarazuka (or should I say Legally Distinct Totally Not Takarazuka) shows up in manga and anime.

  2. Verso Sciolto says:

    … and vice versa sounds fun too. “Haikara-san ga Touru, a manga set in Taisho Period about a tomboy, Benio, who has shockingly modern ideas about women’s worth and clothing and abilities” has been adapted and will be performed by the Takarazuka Revue in October.

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