Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – September 2, 2017

September 2nd, 2017

Yuri Anime

Great news from YNN Correspondent Verso S. The Asagao to Kase-san animation clip, Kimi no Hikari (キミノヒカリ) animated by Pony Canyon, has received enough of an enthusiastic response that a second animation clip is planned for 2018! The announcement is accompanied by a new, cute illustration by Takashima Hiromi-sensei.  This seems like a good time to remind you all that Kase-san and Morning Glories and Kase-san and Bento are available in English now and Kase-san and Shortcake will be released in mid-September.

ANN reports that the Citrus anime, based on Saboruta’s on-going manga, has announcements of cast members, key visuals, music and a promotional video, which you can watch on Youtube.

For Utena fans in and around Tokyo, Amanda Whalen over at ANN has news of 20th anniversary Revolutionary Girl Utena art exhibit in Ikebukuro in November. 

The Nozomi Rightstuff Aria kickstarter continues to be successful and they’ve added a final stretch goal to dub for all the remaining Aria animation. Read the report on ANN.


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Other News

Lynzee Loveridge of ANN has a report on a fun art exhibit in Kyoto mashing up classic Japanese art and pop culture characters.

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8 Responses

  1. Eric P. says:

    Having seen the ‘Citrus’ trailer a while ago, my primary thought was that the animation seemed a little too good for a series like this.

  2. Cryssoberyl says:

    Another clip for Kase, huh. Obviously anything is good, but I was really hoping for a full series this time.

  3. Verso Sciolto says:

    Saw the Kase-san anime news on another forum and seeing that announcement was incredibly exciting. 2018 is going to be a great year [quietly slip in a “Chihayafuru” film reference at this point]. The continuation of the “Yamada to Kase-san” series in print one of the things to tie us over too. Another instalment in “Wings” promised for release in October.

  4. chimekolover88 says:

    How do you know its just another clip? All the announcement said was a new animation project. and considering how popular the first clip was I think they are going to be making a full length animation series.

    • I don’t. I assumed that it might be an extended music video of the second book, as the first animation was of the first book. But I could be wrong and it’s really no big deal if I am. I’m not entirely sure why folks are getting worked up about my use of the word since the full announcement hasn’t yet been made. WHEN they announce what it is, then both of us will have that information. How about we just wait and find out?

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