Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – September 9, 2017

September 9th, 2017

Yuri Anime

YNN Correspondent, Beatriz M. wants you to know that she recently hosted a Revolutionary Girl Utena podcast about which she says, “We get deep, we get gay, and we continue to ask, “What does this mean, Ikuhara?”

 ANN Reports that the Aria dub kickstarter has reached it’s all-series dub stretch goal.
Kimono-wearing fox-eared girls populate Amano Sakuya’s Konohana Kitan manga, running in Comic Yuri Hime which will soon have an anime of it’s own. (Continuing Ichijinsha’s trend of picking the stories I like least to make into anime. At least this one is genuinely Yuri, I just don’t much like animal-eared characters.)  ANN has the report.
Rose of Versailles is getting a game and an animation based in a high-school setting from Otomate, a romance game company. We totally needed that.  (Now I think about it, I may have a Berubara Gakuen doujinshi somewhere. ^_^.)
ANN also has a report for an anthology dealing with Gender Identity Disorder being published in Japan called My Husband is Too Attractive! I Entered the Family Register of a Hot Guy that Used to be a Woman.


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Yuri Manga

We’ve added  Hitoto’s Shuumatsu Nani Shi ni Ikou? (週末なにしにいこう?) to the Yuricon Store.
Also added is Momono Moto’s collection Yuunagi Mabrette Perfect Volume (夕凪マーブレット完全版), which is especially interesting as it is the first collected volume from Galette Works, the publishing team that is putting together the Galette Anthology of which Volume 3 is also up on the Store.
Other News
Brigid Alverson has a great article on how LGBTQ comics are becoming de rigeur for school and public libraries in Just Another Day in an LGBTQ Comics for School Library Journal.
From Smithsonian Magazine, the National Museum of African American History and Culture explores the long legacy of women who shaped the feminist theory in #APeoplesJourney: African American Women and the Struggle for Equality.
The James Tiptree Foundation has opened submission for their 2017 Fellowships for folks researching or creating  work exploring gender and sexuality.
The folks at Anime Feminist are putting together a list of feminist resources in regards to anime and manga. Bookmark their page and let them know if you have any suggestions!
Toyoake City in Aichi prefecture has declared support for LGBT people. Not so far a step as marriage, but a step nonetheless.

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