Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – September 16, 2017

September 16th, 2017

Yuri Manga

Via YNN Correspondent Jin H., Seven Seas has announced a new Yuri manga license! Mushroom Girls in Love by Morayama Kei is exactly what the title says. In fact, we have a guest review by Bruce P to prove it to you. Take a look at his review of Kinoko Ningen no Kekkon  (きのこ人間の結婚) – which would translate to The Mushroom People’s Wedding, which wouldn’t tell you how gay it is. So there you go.

Also out this month are two do-not-miss manga: From Seven Seas is Kase-san and Shortcake by Takashima Hiromi, the third of this excellent schoolgirls-in-love series.  Volume 1 of Viz’s edition of Sweet Blue Flowers, is  heading for American shelves this week, as well. This will be the third translation of this same volume I’ve read. I wonder what I’ll think about it!

Some more exciting news from Seven Seas…ANN reports that they have licensed the original Cutey Honey manga! This is so full of wtf, ugly art, naked women, and extraordinary violence, you’ll either love it or hate or, more probably, both at the same time. This news comes on the tail of a release of the best version of this mythos.  Cutey Honey-a-Gogo is, in my opinion, the ultimate manga version of the Cutey Honey story. With art by Shimpei Itou and story by Go Nagai, I love this manga so much. Cutey Honey was the first magical girl who didn’t need a man, and this version presents us with a butched-up Na-chan for our viewing pleasure. It’s not “Yuri” per se, but it rides the line closely and I love it. ^_^ So, we’re getting the oldest and the newest in the franchise. If Seven Seas is smart, they skip any other versions and stick to the two good ones they have.


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Yuri Anime

The anime based on Amano Sakuya’s Konohana Kitan, which originally began serialization in Comic Yuri Hime S, but has since moved to Birz comics, has announced new cast and staff. members Among them Ogata Megumi announced that she’ll be playing the landlady in the upcoming production. The anime will premier on 9/24 in Japan. This is a Yuri story that stars fox-girls at a hot springs, so expect very high fanservice ratings on this. I made the mistake last week of bitching that Ichijinsha was at fault putting this anime out. I was mistake –  the publisher is Gentosha, but perhaps you’ll forgive me when you realize that Itou Hachi is currently drawing a *different* moe kimono-clad fox-girl manga called Tsuki ga Kirei desu ne for Yuri Hime magazine right now – I have to be honest they looked the same to me. I never even noticed that it wasn’t Amano’s story, but a wholly different identical concept. Guess the editor-in-chief has a(nother) fetish. 

Crunchyroll has added Kurau Phantom Memory, an anime that I loved and hated and finally came to like. Here are all my reviews of the series.

Over on Anime Now, Kat Callahan has a look at the Yuri in the anime A Centaur’s Life in A Centaur’s Life’s Low-Key Lesbian Relationships Add to Positive LGBT Representation In Japan.

Event News 

For folks in or near Tokyo on September 24, 20OL is an all Yuri-about-adults comics event. Don’t think I haven’t thought about just flying over for the weekend to go to this. In fact, my fingers hovered over the button for hours last night. If anyone is able to go, please do report back! If (it doesn’t blow and) they hold a second one, I’ll add it to my schedule. ^_^; 


Other News

The Powerpuff Girls are getting a new addition to the team, and the folks at Pink News note that she’ll be voiced by South African lesbian singer Toya Delazy.  


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    2OL is a bit like the perfume bottle museum in Enoshima: the mere fact that someone thought to bring it into existence makes the world a better place.

  2. KZO says:

    Hina Logi turned out to be a full yuri anime, I’m surprised you didn’t announce it back when it happened on this day.

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