Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – September 30, 2017

September 30th, 2017

Yuri Anime

ANN has a couple of relevant items about the upcoming Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc anime. Fittingly, a classic singer, Sakamoto Maaya, is returning to do the theme. That’ll please all the older fans. ^_^ And announcements have been made on new character casting, as well.

Yuri Foxgirl anime Konohana Kitan is going to be on Crunchyroll this October. Check out Crunchyroll’s promotional video for the series.

Girl’s Last Tour, a post-apocalyptic series with cute girls, has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks. That it has an anime at all is amazing. ^_^ Check out the trailer on Youtube.


Okazu News

I know I do keep going on about this, but with the help of all of our amazing Patrons – and with humble thanks to our first God-level Patron, Ivan – Okazu is within spitting distance of being able to pay Guest Reviewers. I feel kind of strongly about this. Writing is hard work and it takes a lot of time and effort. I try to get you 4-6 posts a week here and it’s important to me to be able to pay our guest writers for their efforts. Sometimes a single paid gig can make the difference in a resume. 


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Yuri Manga

I didn’t keep on reading it, but heavily supernatural-influenced Comic Cune had a lot of Yuri and Yuri-esque series. Comic Natalie reports that vampire story Kyuugetsgi-chan x Kouhai-chan (吸血鬼ちゃん×後輩ちゃん) is getting a collected volume and vampire x vampire hunter story Killing Me! (キリング・ミー!)  is starting in the November issue. I might have to take another look, despite my disinterest in vampires. ^_^

Comic Natalie also says that from the folks at Kadokawa’s web site magazine, comes Yuri Natsu – Minshokugaya (ゆりなつ-民宿かがや-」) a Yuri Twitter comic by  Nao Mochi-aulait. This series will start in October and I’m going to keep my eyes on it.

Equally, I’m not going to be reading Yuri “comedy” Akarui Kiokusoushitsu (明るい記憶喪失), Volume 2. “cheerful amnesia” is just a big no for me. ^_^


Yuri Visual Novel

YNN Correspondent Brendan B want you to know about “a cute looking Yuri visual novel called Butterfly Soup that was released this week.” This is an indie VN and is a free download. If you plan on reading it let us know how it is!



Also via Brendan, “Fun Home is getting a Japanese production, with former Takarazuka star Jun Sena playing adult Allison.” He said,  “That’s some casting!” and I was too busy screaming to reply coherently other than yah, it is. ^_^ It’s being performed while I’m there, but I make no promises. If I manage to see it, I promise to scream incoherently for a whole review. ^_^


Other News

ANN reports that Fukami Makoto is launching a manga about writers and I just bet that it’ll have lesbians in it. He loves his lesbians.

If you’re in or near Tokyo on November 18 and are interested in literary translation, why not attend Strong Women, Soft Power Symposium #1: Towards a Community of Practice in Japanese Literary Translation?


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8 Responses

  1. Alice says:

    I’m looking forward to Girl’s Last Tour. I’ve been reading the manga and it is delightfully bleak while also being rather cute.

  2. Jim says:

    >“cheerful amnesia” is just a big no for me. ^_^
    Why? It’s really good and funny. No drama, angst or anything related to stories about amnesia.

  3. Stacy L says:

    Sena Jun as Alison Bechdel? Wow. I’m screaming incoherently too. And taking a step back, I didn’t even know there was a musical of Fun Home, let alone a Japanese version. I’ve some catching up to do.

    Girl’s Last Tour looks surprisingly enticing, but I’ll give anything in a post-apocalyptic setting a chance.

  4. dudey says:

    Girl’s Last Tour is based on the original pitch for SORA NO WOTO.

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