Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – November 11, 2017

November 11th, 2017

Revolutionary Girl Utena News

As Shoujo Kakumei Utena hit’s its 20th anniversary, (about which I have written a retrospective), a new 2-volume reprint is hitting shelves from Shogagkuan in Japanese (You can read a preview here and see the covers here) and of course we have gorgeous Viz deluxe 2-volume set in English.) Figma is also weighting in with their Utena figurine.

LGBTQ Comics

YNN Correspondent Laura C.  says that Jpop announced an Italian edition of Shimanami Tasogare! She’s not sure if they’ll actually carry through, though, so fingers crossed.

The Maiden Voyage is a lesbian-lead pirate story picture book for kids that sounds like it ought to be on all our holiday wish-lists. ^_^ 

And while you’re adding that, make sure you include Elizabeth Beier’s The Big Book of Bisexual Trial and Errors, which I have sitting here and cannot *wait* to read! Here’s a review on Comicsverse, in case my enthusiasm isn’t enough to convince you to run out and get it.


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Yuri Manga 

Crunchyroll News has a report on Writer x Writer, the new manga series by Fukami Makoto, running in Mangatime Kirara Forward magazine. I wouldn’t normally say that cover art is indicative of Yuri, but Fukami is and combined with the fact that it’s a Mangatime Kirara magazine story, I’d give it a 75% chance of being or having Yuri.


Yuri Anime

According to Komatsu-san on Crunchyroll, Lantis’ official YouTube channel has posted a four-minute full music video of  the OP theme for the ongoing TV anime adaptation of Sakuya Amano’s Yuri manga Konohana Kitan.


Other News

Laura C also noted that Lucca Comics, the biggest comic convention in Italy and Star Comics said there is no date for Sailor Moon Eternal Version because Takeuchi-sensei wants it to be the most faithful possible to the original This echoes some comments I’ve heard from Viz, as well. So as 25 years approaches for Sailor Moon, it’s obvious that Takeuchi-sensei’s got firm hold of the reigns of her masterwork. That makes me happy. Laura also says that Dynit announced the Kill La Kill anime. Great news out of Italy.

Crunchyroll News also has a very interesting report on the positive impact of legally licensed streaming on anime production in Japan. And it has the news that My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness, among a few other manga has made Amazon’s Best Books List.

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  1. Nice! Fingers crossed.

    Posting the following may be redundant but … they seem serious enough to attach a price tag and the description/blurb seems nice too…
    di Yuuki Kamatani
    Uno slice of life sulle sfide quotidiane dei giovani della comunità LGBT nel Giappone di oggi, illustrato con grazia e potenza dall’artista di Nabari.
    Tasuku, appena arrivato in una nuova scuola, viene immediatamente etichettato come “quello gay”, e schernito. Il ragazzo reagisce negando, anche con se stesso, il sentimento che prova per un compagno di scuola, e arriva a un passo dal togliersi la vita. Ma nel momento più buio si imbatte in un gruppo di persone che vive problematiche simili alle sue, e trova un posto dove può aprirsi agli altri.
    (3 voll. in corso, 12×16,9, €6,50)

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