Yuri Manga: 2DK, GPen, Mezamashitokei, Volume 5 (2DK、Gペン、目覚まし時計。)

December 25th, 2017

In 2DK, GPen, Mezamashitokei, Volume 5 (2DK、Gペン、目覚まし時計。) Nanami comes to a decision regarding her feelings for Kaede, then the world conspires to make her rethink that position.

First of all, Nanami’s kouhai from school tracks her down in Tokyo. Mahiru has always been in love with Nanami and when it’s apparent that Nanami has feelings about Kaede that she’s not admitting to herself yet, Mahiru sees an opportunity to get her foot wedged in the door, so to speak. She lays down a foundation of doubt and jealousy that come to fruition when, luckily for Mahiru, Nanami is required to stay in the office for a few nights for a major launch.

Meanwhile, Koyuki can’t stand it any more and tells Kaede that she likes her. Kaede, predictably misses the point, but does let Koyuki know she’s important to her. The tension between them settles a bit, as Koyuki figures out that she has an important place in Kaede’s life.

Nanami manages to come home, only to see that (to her brainwashed and exhausted self) that Kaede and Koyuki are having the time of their lives without her around. Nanami runs back to Mahiru who tries to take advantage of her and, in doing so, Mahiru tells us and Nanami something we didn’t realize. Nanami tries to put Mahiru off by saying she’s uninterested in women – but Mahiru says that she has met (and slept with) Nanami’s girlfriend in college. Oh-ho! Nanami can no longer deny that she has (and is) interested in other women.

The veil lifts and Nanami can see clearly once her own denial of years getting back and her denial of her feelings now. She leaves Mahiru and goes home. When Koyuki leaves, Nanami, finally, confesses her feeling to Kaede(!).

This was a tough volume to read, while Mahiru was attempting to manipulate Nanami – something that would not have worked for half a second, if Nanami wasn’t so invested in her own denial. On the other hand, it’s still pretty funny to see how much of a girl magnet Nanami is.

I absolutely adore this series for little things. Coffee at work being a life saver, all-night marketing campaign launches, and other realities of adult life. The drama is personal, the story is not-quite-realistic and I love that Nanami just has not really noticed how every adult women she knows is in love with her. ^_^ There’s a lot to love. She’s competent and cool and human. The humanity in this series is, to me, relatable and enjoyable, even when the love polygon gets a little silly. ^_^


Art – 8
Story – 8
Characters – 8
Yuri – 4
Service – 3 Mahiru hitting on Nanami (with all the subtlety of a bag of bricks.)

Overall – 8

This was a perfect choice for my last review of 2017. Adult characters, emotions, situations. Lesbians don’t die after they graduate high school in Yuri manga any more! We’ve come a long way baby (this year.)

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  1. st_owly says:

    I really hope this gets licensed in English

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I want this in English so badly! !

  3. Jim says:

    After Vol.6 and the start of Vol.7 I can say only this. 2DK is an inconsistent mess.

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