Celebrate the New Year with Okazu Lucky Boxes! – Claimed!

January 1st, 2018

Happy 2018! It’s time to celebrate the dawning of a new year with our Okazu ritual sending of Lucky Boxes crammed with Yuri stuff to a few lucky folks! This year, the USPS has downsized the boxes a bit, so the prices have come down accordingly. We therefore have 4 boxes:

Box A – Large, $40.00 – Claimed

Box B – Large, Premium, $50.00 – Claimed 

Box C – Medium, $25 – Claimed 

Box D – Medium, $25 – Claimed

The boxes are all filled with manga, random Yuri and Yuriish goodies and each one includes a few items picked up in Japan. The candy this year is all Japanese, but the packaging is dull so you’ll have to take my word for it. ^_^; The Premium box has got a few special items in it (obviously, that’s why it’s premium, duh.)

EVERY box has more than the price’s worth of stuff. I can 100% guarantee it’s absolute pure crap, with no guarantees of any other kind. As always, I’m spending the last few moment before packing fitting more stuff in the box.


How to be eligible to buy a Lucky Box: Follow these instructions carefully.

1- You must live in the Continental USA (contiguous 48) only, no APO/FPOs – sorry about that, really.

2 – You must be over 18, I am not policing which books you get.  

3 -Email me at anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com with the subject “Lucky Box”. Use an email you check regularly. *****Please include your name, age, mailing address.  Tell me which box you want.*****

4- I will contact you at that point and give you details about payment by Paypal. Please be prepared to check your email and get payment out so this post doesn’t linger like a dead animal. Thanks in advance. 

This whole process will be handled with utmost capriciousness. ^_^

Let’s start the New Year off with some luck and Yuri!


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  1. Sheila says:

    Congrats to the early birds!

    Another year that I was too late, what a bummer, hehe.

    Hope next year I can claim one.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

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