Yuricon News: Site Update and Events

September 19th, 2003

Yeah, I know it’s been a long time. As always I plead busy by explaining gently to you all that I do have a life, you know. ;-) I hope you all managed to see the Yaoi/Yuri article in Animerica magazine this month. Don’t forget to email them and tell them it rocked. LOL

Some quick news about important things:

The Yuricon web site is undergoing a facelift. The new Events calendar is up with 2003-5 planned appearances and events. We’re spending 2004 working on our publications, so expect some relase parties when the new books come out.

We’re recruiting now for the 2004 Yuri Monogatari project. If you think you’d like to contribute a story, please visit the Yuricon Projects page, read the rules carefully, then apply. We’re always looking for good shoujoai and yuri artists and writers.


Upcoming Event Notice

Anime Next, in Rye, NY on October 3-5. We’ll have a table tere, so you can buy some of our lovely manga and doujinshi, or a few cute postcards for friends. I’ll be running or partiipating on a few panels as well, and helping out with a few focus groups that AN is holding. So, don’t forget to stop by and say hi!

I know I promised this a LONG time ago, then never got to it, but next time, I’ll try to start the “Publishing Your Own Doujinshi” series and give you the inside scoop on being a professional amateur publisher. :-)

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