Live Action: Yurisai

May 12th, 2004

Lily_Festival_(film)From alert reader Erin S. a new movie of interest to yuri and shoujoai fans has appeared on the scene.

Yurisai, or Lily Festival, has already played at a few gay and lesbian Film Festivals (including the London one I was at last month, can you believe I missed it?) and the upcoming New York New Fest.

Yurisai sounds very unique – as a whole, it’s about older women whose sexuality is reawakened when a senior playboy enters their apartment complex. But part of the story includes a lesbian relationship between two of the women. Aside from the fact that seniors’ sexuality tend to be ignored completely by TV and film, it’s even less common to see a senior lesbian couple portrayed as sexual. If two older lesbians are shown on film, in my experience, they are reminiscing about politics and social change…not kissing or touching.

If this movie is playing at a GLBT film fest near you, try to get to it。In the meantime here’s the trailer. Enjoy!

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