Live Action: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Yuri

July 1st, 2004

Part 2

There are just some series we can’t stop talking about on the Yuricon Mailing List. We beat ROD The TV to death and are now involved in a love affair with Madlax, but deep in so many of our hearts, we are eternal adoring fans of the magic of Sailor Moon. As a result, I plan in drawing this discussion out, because I love talking about these girls!

The new version has some new qualities – the girls and the plot are not the same as either the manga or anime, which has given rise to some interesting dynamics. However, PGSM has been no less rife with yuri than any previous version. We must of course, begin with the heroine.

Tsukino Usagi – As in every version, Usagi is a cheerful, clumsy, bubblehead. Thankfully for all of the viewing audience this Usagi is not the complete moron of the anime. This new Usagi for a new century of young female empowerment, does learn from mistakes, actually picks up hand-to-hand combat skills (of the stylized dance variety that passes for fighting in this series) and is growing, before our very eyes, into a remarkable young lady. The character is, of course, completely in love with her hollow-chested lad, but Sawai Miyuu is doing a breathtaking job as the airy, but utterly lovable Usagi. The key here being “lovable.” In the early episodes, we were treated to the spectacle of actually *watching* as each of the Senshi fell in love with their Princess. This is especially noticable with Minako because she’s still resisting, and it’s fun to watch her remind herself to NOT be won over.

There was some early silly wishful thinking style yuri with Usagi and some of the others – particularly Ami – although the ReixUsagi fans fought the good fight. But they have had to give up, and for good reason, as we will later discuss.

Usagi’s “Yuri goggle” rating is a 6 – she’s not gay herself, but has clearly turned Ami so…

Mizuno Ami – Always the “good” girl in the bunch, this Ami has a hell of a mischievious streak. She’s also got a spine and a bit of spunk, which is making her rather fun to watch. In yuri inspired by the anime, it was most common to see Ami paired with Makoto, but in this version she’s all over Usagi, touching her as often as possible, getting hugs, and generally being her biggest supporter. I’m betting she notches the bed everytime she gets another hug. :-) In a recent arc, she pulled even with Minako in the race for Rei, as well. Now we’re all torn, because while Minako is *evil* and funny with Rei, Ami would be much better for our taciturn psychic. And who could resist the sight of Ami and Rei having a pillow fight while dressed in animal costumes, then snuggling together for a sleep? It was horrifically cute. Hama Chisaki is playing this version of Ami with a glint in her eye and no fear of the unknown, which adds a dimension of “bad” girl” to the character. Her stint as Dark Mercury has only made her that much stronger and a bit more outspoken. If she wants Rei she’ll get her, Minako be damned. I think, luckily for Minako, she’s really Usagi’s girl. ^_^

Ami’s Yuri goggle rating – 8

To Be Continued

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  1. Naru constantly gets over looked, but in the live action version in particularly she’s as involved in the Yuri as the rest.

    And we can’t forget the show’s original villain Mio.

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