Yuri Manga: Maka-Maka

August 31st, 2004

makamaka1One word – wow.

Maka-Maka is a very shounen, adult, and reasonably mature take on the development of a relationship between two friends, Jun and Nene. The subtitle of the manga is “Love Sex Communication” – this is a major theme right from the first chapter.

Maka-Maka is published monthly by Jive, and is available as a Flash issue on the Maka-Maka homepage every month. The first seven or eight issues have been bound into a print volume which is really quite slick. The volume is all-color pages, with character information and an insert of a “psychedelic” poster – one side is Jun, one Nene. There’s a bonus cover on the inside of the jacket as well. All in all, and excellent design, totally worth the money. There are even Jun and Nene dolls available as a premium for people who return the insert card. I sent it in – we’ll see if they bother to send me a doll. ^_^

The story begins as Jun and Nene both find themselves frustrated and dissatisfied by sex and the lack of connection that exists between themselves and their lovers. In the course of schoolwork, they find themselves playing around and the playing takes a sexual turn. As the subtitle promises, they actually *communicate* and as a result, find themselves more and more interested in each other.

As stated, this is a shounen manga, so expect alot of sexual situations, nudity, fanservice, etc. But for all that, it’s never presented in a cheesy manner – in fact, I found myself getting a little nostalgic at some of Jun’s and Nene’s antics.  There’s a sense of reality about Maka-Maka that’s quite surprising.

Of course, nothing is perfect, so there are conflicts..Jun seems to be more needy than Nene, while Nene tends to be a little more inconsiderate than Jun. This only serves to heighten the versimilitude, not to lessen it. It does mean that there are times when you don’t *like* the characters, but that’s not, IMHO, a weakness here.

By the end of the first volume, if you have a soul, you are hooked. ^_^I read the monthly issues with interest and am looking forward to the second collection – maybe I’ll be able to snag that second doll.


Characters – 9
Story – 9
Art – 8
Service – 9

Overall – 9

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7 Responses

  1. Daniel G. says:

    I have immensely enjoyed both volumes of Maka-Maka. Not only were the sex scenes very erotic, I was really drawn into the character development (which probably was what made the sex so special). Your review is right on the spot – there’s something very natural about the way Nene and Jun behave and the things that happen to them. And in a way, it was one of the saddest mangas I have ever read – Nene’s depression is so believable that it hurts.

  2. Manuel says:

    Yet, it is quite difficult to find others like it. I was on a prowl for a more adult oriented Yuri, but one with less sex and more accent on the relation. In Maka Maka, even the simple touches or “shadow bunnies” are more erotic then an entire hentai.

    It is addictive after only a few pages, and it is a must.

  3. Maya says:

    I feel really drawn into this manga… maybe its because it reminds me of a relationship I have with a girlfriend. I can’t help but comparing myself to Nene.
    But they already have some vibe between them or one of them would have gotten mad in the beginning…Its very sweet but also very painful not daring to tell your girlfriend you like her..

  4. Anonymous says:

    I usually don’t like overly pornish manga when dealing with Yuri because i’m queer and I yearn for tasteful things like that of Ebine’s work. But surprisingly maka-maka was great! The sexual content seemed almost on par with reality, it wasn’t just sudden and sporatic or unattached. The characters were relatable in a sense that there was development on their personalities, enough that one could see them as more than japanese-made sex objects, and that makes this a really surprisingly great manga.

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