Plastic Little Anime and Manga (English)

January 25th, 2005

Plastic Little, The Adventures of Captain Tita and her “friend” Elise is a great American comic book of a manga and a great Cartoon Network cartoon of an anime.

Tita is a scavenger, like her father before her. She scavenges the seas of her world in her ship with a loyal group of pirate-y types. Into this pleasantly amoral lifestyle pops Elise, an irrestibly adorable blonde, whose personal problems embroil Tita and her crew in a larger and more volatile political/legal situation. In other words, the bad guys begin shooting. This is not a bad thing, because it gives Tita a chance to look extrememly butchy as she rescues Elise over and over from various nefarious henchmen.

Because this is a Urushihara Satoshi story, all the women take their clothes off frequently, and show us their breasts constantly. For women on the run, they spend alot of time in the bathtub, but hey, whatever. And of course – everyone looks like their clothes and skin are made out of latex. ^_^

While this story has good action, and fun characters, I call it an “American comic” because it also lacks depth – and conviction. While Tita is cool as hell and has Elise hanging off her and cuddling up to her in many a popular screencap, and there’s an unmistakable “heroine and her rescuer fall in love” vibe about them, we never really learn anything about either of the characters beyond the superficial comic-book characteristics…and we never see that thing between them develop.

So, while Plastic Little is fun, and Yuri-implicit…it’s not really much more.


Art – 8
Characters – 7
Plot – 7
Music – 6
Yuri – 3

Overall – 7

What I would give for Elise to give Tita a big ole’ smack on the lips somewhere in this anime….sigh….

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