Yuri Revolution, Day 2

April 10th, 2005

Day 2

Woke up after a few hours of decent sleep after a dream of sleeping on the ground, watching a crazy person cleaning up and threatening us.

We cobbled a breakfast together of oatmeal and cheese and tea for me, while the sun burns through the mists outside.

I did forget to mention that we watched and interminably long episode (probably a movie) of Crayon Shin-chan last night which was hysterical and awesomely bad all at once. We all agreed that TV was a problem, because it was so distracting – the temptation is to never leave the room.

Which reminds me – I must go see what’s playing. It’s Sunday morning!

On no! It’s Futari ha PreCure!. This show is evil and it haunts me.. Must go suffer.

YES!! Have I ever mentioned how wonderful Japanese TV is? My morning begins with PreCure and has now segued into a woman sing “Those Were The Days” in Japanese. You can’t beat this with a stick.

Inexplicably, we’re all sort of heading in the right direction at the right time, so we’re gonna meet in the lobby in 20 and look for brekkie then take a “Yay! We’re back in Ikebukuro!” walk.

This is outside the hotel this morning.

Here is a random window with plastic parfaits as we walked around.

Snub of the day – QE2 didn�t attend Charles’ and Carmillas marriage ceremony. Woops.

Anyway – we’re off! BBL

This is the outside of our hotel. The staff has more class than I’ll ever really have…)

Caught up with Gideon and Lorelei (Gideon and Sparkle’s baby) in the lobby, then waited for the rest of the crew to join us. The first order of business was breakfast, so we headed down towards the Sunshine 60 mall, and looked for a place to eat. After being side tracked by punk socks and plastic food, we ended up in a caf� eating eggs and ham, or spaghetti and talking about Stephen Chow movies and Doctor Who. No geeks here, uh-uh.

We have *no* idea what this is….

We decided to hit up the street by Sunshine 60 that has K-Books and Lashinban and Animate for a quick shopping spree. I called Rica and we set a date for 1:30 to talk business. (I’m in the hotel room now, enjoying a cold bottle of Blendy caf� au lait waiting for her, and listening to gail force winds buffet the hotel.)

It’s gorgeous out today. Sunny and warm with a brisk (ha!) breeze – a real allergy nightmare. Thank you Pfizer for decent allergy meds.

Well, Rica’s here – business talk. Be back later.

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