Sister Red, Volume 2

June 20th, 2005

I just reviewed Sister Red, Volume 1 last week, but since both volumes are available in English, I thought I might as well review the second volume, too.

We left off in Vol.1, with Mahito facing several crises – one, the burgeoning of strange, new, powerful, and not entirely pleasant powers as the “Heart of Scarlet” lives within her dead body; the fact that her fellow night creatures are a horrible and human-hating lot, and; the fact that her high school has suddenly developed a force of crusading anti-night creature schoolgirl warriors who think of her as an enemy, or, at best, a nuisance. (It’s fairly plain, by the way, that these girls were the “inspiration” for Hayashiya-sensei’s next manga, the hentai demon-fighting adventure Ultra Sword.)

Even as Mahito learns about the origin of the night creatures, and her own powers, she’s forced to face more and more powerful opponents, like the eyepatch and slinky dress-wearing Viola, who I (not surprisingly) adored until she died. lol

Worse for Mahito, Yuri – Alice’s psycho brother who is searching for Scarlet’s Heart – decides that the key to getting it is Erika, her beloved cousin. Now secrets are flying fast and thick, as we learn the truth about Erika’s past and I am *so* not going to spoil any of it for you, because it’s fun, even if a little predictable and rushed. Just get the books and read it yourself. :-)

The end is in no way happy or even complete. In fact, the lack of a third volume to wrap everything up is the series’ biggest weakness.

Again – not yuri, per se, but all about intense relationships between women, many of whom kick serious ass. I just wish it had ended. I want to know what happens after Volume 2 ends! Boo-hoo.


Art – 8
Story – 7
Characters – 7
Yuri – 0

Overall – 7

Hayashiya-sensei, can you just draw the rest of the story for us fans? LOL

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