Events: Cartoonist Alliance Meeting in NYC on Wednesday

September 13th, 2005

[This is a press release for a speaking engagement I’ll be doing tomorrow at the meeting of the Cartoonist Alliance]

Erica Friedman, president of Yuricon and ALC Publishing and co-founder of Onna!, the only anime convention showcasing women’s roles in anime and manga,will be speaking at the September 14th meeting of the Cartoonist Alliance. The meeting will take place at the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art at 594 Broadway, Suite 401 in New York City.

Friedman has been involved in the anime world for a long time, founding Yuricon, a celebration of yuri in anime and manga and ALC Publishing, North America’s only publisher of 100% yuri publications. In 2005, she ran Yuricon in Tokyo, and is co-chairing Onna!, a festival of women’s roles in animation in comics, which will take place October 8-10 in Newark, New Jersey.

In 2004, ALC Publishing printed the first volume of Shoujoai ni Bouken: The Adventures of Yuriko, an illustrated novel, penned by Friedman and illustrated by Kelli Nicely. At the meeting of the Cartoonist Alliance, she will speaking on her new novel, ALC Publishing’s efforts to bring yuri manga to the west and the upcoming Onna! event.

The Cartoonist Alliance is open to cartoonists, comics artists, animators, illustrators. Their meetings are round table, and organized around a special Featured Guest. Everyone is welcome, but membership in the Graphic Artists Guild provides discounts and access to the Squib, the Guild’s newsletter.

To learn more about Yuricon, please visit or email

For more information on the New York Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild, go to:


I hope some of you will join me there tomorrow night!

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