Events: Off to Onna!

October 7th, 2005

Well, as of just about 30 minutes from now, I’m off to the yuriest US con of 2005, Onna!.

If you’re still on the fence about coming, see if you can make it on Sunday. Saturday will, no doubt be sold out early, and while there’s lots to do and watch on Saturday (Guest panels, Concert and Cosplay are all going to be popular,) Sunday has even MORE guest panels, the new manga talent contest “Be Discovered at Onna!,” a Harajuku Fashion show, a Gaming Arcade and a dance! As well as all the usual fun games, fan panels and great videos.

If you’re sticking around on Monday, we’ve got a cool panel-video programming connection going on, where the panels we’re running are coordinated with the Video schedule. So you can talk about classic 70s shoujo, then wile away the morning watching it. :-) Or Takarazuka…or Rumiko Takahashi…..

If you’re a reader of Okazu, or a member of the Yuricon ML, or #lilicious or #otenba and we haven’t met face to face, please, please at least catch me for a sec and introduce yourself. It’s always my great pleasure to meet the folks who are my online friends and fans. :-)

Don’t be surprised if I don’t update for the next few days, but I do have a camera, and you never know. I might be bored and insomniac one night.LOL

In the meantime, here is an article about Onna! that appeared in today’s Newark Star Ledger newspaper. In the tradition of all newspaper articles, it is full of errors. LOL But they got the hotel and the dates right in the paper, so it’s okay with me. ;-)

See you all at Onna!!

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