Yuri Anime: Autumn 2005 Season

November 5th, 2005

It’s that time again – the new anime season has arrived. We’re a few weeks into it, so I thought I’d give a few quick overviews of what I’m watching and why I think it has yuri potental:

Aria – I went over it only yesterday, but here’s the short version. Beautful girls practice piloting gondolas on a terraformed Mars. Many fun things happen in which the girls are either beautiful or cute. Yuri potential: Watch Akira and Alicia, and Akari and Alice.

Jigoku Shoujo – Hell Girl, Ai Enma, comes armed with big eyes, Noto Mamiko’s (Shimako in Marimite) voice and a retinue of three: gorgeous woman, pretty boy, old man. People with grudges can condemn their tormentors to hell, but will also have to go there when they die. Yuri potential: None at the moment, but on the principal that this anime has basically ripped off Vampire Princess Miyu, I’ll bet it does, eventually.

Mai Otome – A fantasy riff using the character’s from last year’s Mai Hime. Different heroine, completely different world, same lesbian couples. Shizuru is even cooler this time than before. Yuri potential: Practically anyone, but keep your eyes closely on Shizuru and Natsuki, Chie and anyone she comes in contact with, and maybe even Arika and Nina. Otomes can’t be with guys – poor Akane is doomed…again.

Blood+ – Different from both movie and manga, this Saya is a decent kid just trying to figure out who she is. Tragedy is sure to follow her. Lots of violence, not as much blood as you’d expect. Pretty excellent graphics and an overall cool factor, if only we could lose the goth “Look! I’m in a vampire anime” guy. Yuri potential: Saya’s best friend Kaori and she are *very* snuggly in the first episode. Kaori will probably be left behind, but you never know.

Not much, I know, but perhaps other things will pop up. Keep an eye out for Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl this winter, too.  ^_^

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  1. Ladioss says:

    Shizuru is so awesome in this that you can hear the whole show screaming “fan-service” whenever she appear. The scene when she kiss Arika’s hear while Natsuki is watching is priceless. Concerning Akane i’m willing to bet that this time she would be the one to kill Kazu-kun… Sunrise scenarists are a blood-thirtsy sadistic bunch.

    As for other shows, Mushishi is excellent, but no Yuri in it, sorry… :p

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