Yuri Anime: Blood+

November 21st, 2005

I never reviewed the original Blood manga? What was I thinking? I’ll add it to the list…

In any case, the fall ’05 anime season offers us yet another version of this chick with sword vampire series. I could be wrong about this, because I’m not checking or anything, but I believe the original Blood was a game, that spawned a much-too short animated movie, followed by an exceptionally grim manga, which I will review at some point. Now there’s a new manga and a shiny new anime…which the subject of today’s review.

The Saya of the new Blood is a really likeabale gal, quite the opposite of cold, heartless Saya from the movie and the first manga. This Saya has a father and two brothers, all adopted, but very normal and affectionate in an entirely appropriate way. She also comes with a best friend, Kaori, to snuggle with, pictured above. Unfortunately Kaori’s participation in this series is short lived, as Saya has to become the semi-vampiric killer of giant mutant bats.

I pretty much assumed that this was the end of Yuri goggle goodness in this series, but previews of episode seven offer us glimpses of Min, Saya’s new roommate who will be completely gaga blushy over her. So, yay for yuri fans – a reason to keep watching. Which is good, because the plot kind of stalled out over the last few episodes while we killed Saya’s father a few times.

I don’t even want to conjecture about whether this is a good anime, because damned little has actually happened, but I’m still watching, for what that’s worth to ya. ^_^


Art – Studio IG
Characters – Schoolgirl with Sword, Vampires, Mutant Bats and Ordinary People Wearing Red Shirts
Story – Not So Far
Music – Pretty
Yuri – Goggles

Overall – Catch me again at the end and I’ll let you know.

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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Look, I don’t care what the heck they call it. If the main character isn’t a borderline psychopathic 100+ year old vampire in a school-girl’s body with inscrutable motives and no visible emotions… it’s just not Blood. Whether it (or Blood itself, for that matter) is good or not is something else entirely, but it’s not Blood.

  2. Brinstar says:

    I’m looking forward to your next reviews, cos the series does seem interesting, even though nothing has happened yet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ok peeps, blood+ is a continuation of Blood: The Last Vampire which due to it’s cult-classic success, spawned a videogame in 2000. Also, if you see the flashbacks in the tv show then you will know that the two are strung together quite nicely. Hope you like the series.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Okay… I donn´t se this as a Yuri anime. And I realy love Blood+!!! I have sen the hole thing. Bute I whold
    whant to se some yaoi in it!

  5. Susan says:

    Yuri?!? Yuri?!? This isn’t YURI at all! Kaori is just Saya’s friend, there’s no romance between them, at all. Min and Saya are just friends, too (Min was daydreaming about a rumor about a man called ‘Phantom’ that was apart of a romantic story going around her school, who she wished would ‘sweep her off her feet’, so to speak, and she thought Hagi was really handsome).
    Being called ‘Yuri’ makes it sound shallow and fanservice-y, but there’s so much more. The plot runs deep. I’m disappointed in the simpleness of this review. :(

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