Safe and Sound in Seattle

March 23rd, 2006

Today has been long, but I wanted to at least drop in here and say that I’m in Seattle with some of the Archie McPhee, the best place to take care of your tiki, pirate, librarian action figure and bacon strip bandage needs. If you don’t know Archie McPhee – you need to learn. If you too have already purchased a fez o’fun and a quart of toys, you can visit anyway and smile and nod, ’cause you too are cool and hip and wacky.

Tomorrow we’re going to the SciFi Museum to geek out in a non-anime environment. I hope to have pictures, if I remember the camera. :-)

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  1. claudia says:

    I’m glad to ‘read’ that you arrieved safe.
    Well, now I have to wait until part 3 of Vacation of the lamb is posted, someday soon…?
    have fun ^_^

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