Yuri Manga: Eve’s Apple/Eve no Ringo, Volume 5

May 17th, 2006

While I’m in the mood for trashy manga, let’s finish up this most delightful piece of dreck, Eve no Ringo, Eve’s Apple.

In case you’re new, or have forgotten the…erm, we’ll call it a plot for argument’s sake, here are a list of my reviews of earlier volumes:

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Let me also remind you that you can purchase any of these 5 volumes through Amazon Japan, simply by clicking the pictures of the cover on each review. It’ll transport you directly to the correct page (as *almost* all of the pictures for these reviews do.)

The first chapter begins with a cheerful Kirika, enjoying a dinner with the evil editor and her friend Matsuda. As Kirika and editor natter on, Matsuda finds the distance between them and him growing exponentially. To assuage his ego, Matsuda visits senior manga artist Miyamae dressed as the editor. Miyamae and Matsuda have a little playtime, but ultimately it only makes Miyamae want the real thing. We get a glimpse of her true feelings.

As usual, the Mio chapter is annoying. While she screws one of the editors, she is *still* planning on defeating Kirika…whatever that means. It’s really exhausting, especially as her goody-two-shoes image is well beyond tarnished.

Evil editor makes a short visit to Kirika’s school festival. She returns the favor by arriving at his office late, just in time to see Miyamae collapse in his arms – and for him to call her by her given name, Mizuho. Kirika leaves unseen, with her heart completely broken. She has to face the fact that Miyamae and Mitsugu have had, and may still have, a relationship.

Matsuda angsts about Kirika, and Kirika angsts about her editor (it kind of makes sense that she’d fall in love with an apparently abusive, yet actually caring, guy, if you think about it.) Matsuda spends some time trying to cheer Kirika up, but she pretty much leaves him behind. When he goes to Miyamae’s, she turns him away with an apology, explaining that she really doesn’t want a fake Mitsugu anymore.

Two of the girls in school are having a torrid affair in the doctor’s office. When Kirika interrupts she finds the doctor and Yurika (now *there’s* a fanfic waiting to happen…) under the bed “studying” the couple. The two girls bail, Yurika and the doctor protest Kirika’s interruption. Yurika mentions casually that she knows a guy who does Adult Videos, would Kirika like to see? Sure!

So they go to the AV studio and the guy finds himself short of a dom. So, Kirika volunteers. Hey, how cool, she’s going to be an AV star! Yurika offers to be sub, and away they go. Since both of them know what they are doing, the director is mightily pleased – and so is Grant Oldman, erm, no, no, not really. It’s the S&M guy from an earlier volume. He likes Kirika’s style. So she’s great as a ojou-sama, but she falls asleep the next day at school and fails her test…

Kirika meets with the S&M guy, who tells her she has good dominatrix style. She’s pleased with herself as she visits the offices of her editor…who assigns her a good project. But, as she watches Mitsugu and Miyamae interact, their free way with each other, she gets more and more depressed. Kirika stands up and announces that she’s leaving manga. Miyamae follows her, but Kirika only becomes angrier and says that she’s leaving to become a professional S&M queen.

Matsuda is still drawing his happy, cutesy manga when Kirika comes to visit. She asks him to join her at her S&M studio. How could he refuse? He’s her best friend! So once again, Matsuda takes a beating for love. Her mentor coaches her on the most beautiful way to do this and in a sudden revelation, Kirika understands…she is now able to administer beautiful torture. Afterwards Matsuda asks if this is really what she wants and she says she’s pretty sure it is.

Yurika and Matsuda run into Kirika in a fetish shop and Yurika slaps Kirika for leaving them. Kirika goes home and draws a bit, remembering how much fun it was to be a mangaka. But then she remembers her editor, and she cools off.

It’s graduation time. Matsuda and Kirika are free! Yurika stops by to visit and they all go to a reception at the magazine’s office. Kirika has decided to return to manga after all – the evil editor bows and welcomes her formally (and politely as Kawai-sensei,) to their magazine, which moves her. Miyamae shows off the diamond on her left hand. Kirika jokes that she’s landed Mitusgu at last. They have a big toast to all the “new” manga artists, at which Kirika’s collar and chain around her neck become visible. Okay, so maybe not *quite* leaving the side job as S&M Queen behind. :-)

Back in high school, Mai, Kirika’s kouhai in the chado (tea) club is thoroughly befuddled as to what to do with all that…tea stuff. As her new underclassmen demand leadership (she tells Kirika) she decides to teach them what *she’s* learned. Kirika, naturally, tells her “How nice – go for it.” ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 6
Characters – 8
Yuri – 4
Service – Yes

It’s utterly without merit. But it really wasn’t *bad*! Like with every volume previously, it was kind of fun and (other than Matsuda’s issues) the sex is guilt and tedium-free. And actually good for a few laughs.

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