Yuricon News: Site Update

June 10th, 2006

A *lot* of new things on Yuricon!

We’ve added a few new events to the Yuricon Events page. Check it out regularly for yuri-related events around the world!

A few new items on the Yuricon Shop, and old items on sale – look for summer combo specials on 100% from ALC Publishing, and “I Love Yuri” Messenger Bags are on sale, for almost a third off! We’ve added a few
new yuri manga from Amazon and Amazon Japan, including these brand new

Moonlight Flowers (reviewed on Okazu just this week, in fact.)

Strawberry Panic Manga, Volume 1

New items are added all the time and Yuri Hime 6 is coming soon!

New names on “The List” of anime and manga lesbians, lesbian wannabees and oughtabes. Still more names to be added, so more updates on this soon.

And don’t forget, there is ONE WEEK left in the 2006 Yuricon AMV Contest. Get those yuri and shoujoai themed AMVs in before June 15 in order to be eligible for great prizes!

New link added to the Links page.

And add the Yuri News RSS Feed to your newsreader for news of interest to yuri fans.

Lastly and somewhat beleatedly, this (and the last dozen or so) update
has been brought to you by AnimaRo,the only Ragnarok Online server that supports lesbian marriage.

Yuricon – “For real women who like their women…animated”

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