Yuri Webcomics addendum

July 20th, 2006

I should have said this yesterday, but since I didn’t think to, let me do so now.

Because I *don’t* read too many webcomics regularly, let me open the floor to those who do. Please feel free to suggest webcomics that you enjoy in the comments section – don’t forget to give the link so people can find it!

If you are 18 or over and interested in writing a guest review for a strongly yuri-themed webcomic, feel free to email one to me and I’ll be glad to post it. (Especially glad as I’m short of time these days to post myself.) Be sure to run it through spellcheck and proofread it first so I don’t spend too much time editing. :-) Include your name, so I can credit you.

I’m waiting on my copy of Yuri Hime 5 and Kotonoha no Miko to Kotdama no Mahou to, which should be here any day. Look forward to reviews of that and a few other fun items in the days to come. :-)

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  1. laputa says:

    Yume @ yume.comicgen.com is an excellent lesbian webcomic. Though it does feature schoolgirls, I’m afraid. ^^ The main character Fiona is a vaguely dreamy kind of character without any friends in her catholic school, spending her days trying to avoid the wrath of both the Nun and her peers, until one day this nice blonde girl moves in next door. Not the most original storyline, and occasionally the plot is a little weak, but the art is fantastic and the pages fully coloured, and it well make you lol. It’s really worth it. Also by the same artist is the comic pulp.comicgen.com, which hasn’t started yet but looks quite promising, to say the least, called “I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space!”

    Then there’s Boobs Ahoy, which is about plain old earthbound lesbian pirates, at Boobsahoy.comicgen.com, which is both completely daft and very funny.

    Then there’s “Teacosies with Irony”, which is a webcomic about a fully grown knitting circle featuring a lesbian couple prominently, not to mention two bisexual women and a mysterious straight man. It’s frequently hilarious, and also about knitting. Well worth it.

    There’re other lesbian webcomics too. “Anna” may never update again, “Flipside” recently took a turn towards unreadable (Bernadette, what the hell happened to you between the book 0 and book 1?! Who the hell is this “Crest” asshole?!) and wapsisquare can’t really decide whether it wants its lesbian characters or not. Angels2200 is pretty good. Um.

    Wow. Now I feel kind of pathetic. Uh . . . bye.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Theres so little Yuri webcomics that are actually good and not filled with wapanese in-jokes…


    It’s pretty realistic with a nice style. I always thought the webmaster was kind of full or herself…but good comic anyways.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Falcon Twin is good, Midlands is good, but not initially- you need to start reading about half-way.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’d recommend Kris Dresen’s online comics, if you haven’t already read them: http://www.girlthrow.com/
    Also Erika Moen’s: http://www.projectkooky.com/erika/comics/
    I have some other f/f-themed comics linked from Lililicious, but I’m not sure whether they’d be your cup of tea.
    There’s also Red String, which has a brief Yuri subplot: http://redstring.strawberrycomics.com/


  5. Anonymous says:


    its um one of a kind

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, I can’t help you with Yuri webcomics, but I *can* help you with *good* webcomics (not that Yuri ones aren’t good, I just meant… yeah, nevermind).

    One of the best webcomics ever of all time. The art’s a little rudimentary at the beginning, but the story is great and it manages to bring a good joke in every strip. It’s about a far-future squad of space mercenaries and their galaxy-spanning adventures, and manages to stay PG13 the whole time (helped by the fact that, in the far future, energy weapons tend to sort people into two categories: “perfectly uninjured” and “molecularly vaporized”).

    This used to be a subscription comic, but recently went free. About a evil mad scientist! Very funny, if you don’t mind the main characters being essentially amoral.

    Another mad scientist comic, except this time they’re not (all) evil. Very pretty, breakneck pace, and often awesome, this is more focused on an overarcing storyline than one-a-day gags. Oh, and the main character’s tendency to sleepwalk makes for some nice cheesecake.

    If you like being mean to stupid people (and who doesn’t?), you will most likely enjoy this. Be warned though: it is not for the easily offended. If the idea of sending your (disliked) ex girlfriend a bent coathanger for her baby shower doesn’t make you shy away, then you’re golden.

    A very clever romantic comic with a few fantastic technology elements for spice (specifically, anthro-pcs, which are little walking AI computers). There’s a lot of music references here, which works out well for me as I’ve found a couple good bands through it.

    A little like Questionable Content, but way more “out there.” Less continuity, more female secret agents and magical alternate universes. Also, it’s british, which means the dialogue is… you know, British. Like Doctor Who, but written so you don’t have to decipher the accents.

  7. I allowed your comment to publish, but really, it’s off-topic.

    Try staying on point, please. YURI webcomics. With links. A *short* description would be nice too.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Uh, well, yeah, but to be fair, you never mentioned in your post that you were only looking for Yuri webcomics (you implied it from the post title and the fact that this is a Yuri blog, but you could just as well have been asking for any good webcomics based on the post’s comment). Sorry if I offended you with my heterosexual comics.

  9. Not offended. Just wondering, once again…

  10. Maggie says:

    El Goonish Shive has a main character, Nanase, who’s a lesbian.

    There’s a whole bunch of gender..and..uhm..species bending in the comic, but Nanase is a lesbian :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe no one mentioned (as far as i can tell) the lounge =D
    by far my favorite web comic, out of all of them:


    it basically following the life of a girl who runs a comic/fashion/anime store, though the store itself has nothing to do with it. the comic follows the lives of the owner (as mentioned) and the gang who work at the store, its kinda hard to explain, i’d just go if i were you :P

    the beginning is kinda weird though… but the art and plot soon starts :P

  12. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe no-ones mentioned Girly –

    and Otenba files
    otenba-files.com which seem to be turning up everywhere I go.
    If it’s because you haven’t heard of them… go there now.

  13. Actually, both were mentioned. This post is an addendum to my review of Girly Volume 1.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, sorry. that’ll teach me to skim-read things…

    Anyway – extra support ;-)

  15. Anonymous says:

    I know of several Yuri comics. Hope this is helpful.

    Stitches **
    Artificial Smile
    Fate of the blue star
    Flaming Destiny
    The Lounge **
    Hold me Tight
    Lean on Me
    My Utopia
    My Fake Heart
    When She Was Bad
    Simply Sarah**
    Why me?
    Boobs Ahoy

    Previously Mentioned:
    Yu + ME
    I was kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates**
    Girly ** Although I’m not a fan of the last 2 chapters. But it is a very enjoyable webcomic.

    Red String – Volume two has a prominent Yuri storyline, highly recommended. The rest of the series is good as well. It can be read to get some background on the Yuri pairing.

    **Are actually my favorite ones.

    A great place to obtain links to these webcomics is smackjeeves.com

  16. Throgg says:

    There was a webcomic callerd Henati Action theater, which featured some moderately graphic sex, mainly woman-woman, but some other variants (errr, with demons; the main characters were witches using “sex magic” to summon same). It seems to have vanished from the web; can’t even access old episodes. Anyone have an idea what happened to it?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe no one mentioned Khaos!

    It is school kids but the dialogue can be so amazing sometimes. The art is really unique (you have to get used to it but you’ll be loving it by the end of the first chapter or so). It basically has a chapter in a grand story in each character’s point of view. There’s a gay couple, lesbian couple (Amber & Nay), and a trans man / woman. (There is ONE normal straight guy, not including parents and side characters) Very realistic story / plot and very entertaining.

    Also, a small Yuri comic that not too many people know about:
    All I can say is:

    Gorgeous. Art.
    Seriously, probably the best Yuri webcomic when it comes to art. It’s on hiatus right now but the artist wants to continue it. (Warning: It is a tad bit mature right in the beginning.)

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