Yuri Manga: Blue Drop

October 16th, 2006

As soon as I saw the cover of Blue Drop, I felt a little happy. Because ever since I reviewed Ray, I have been looking forward to a Yoshitomi Akihito series with some actual yuri content. From some of the situations and supporting characters in Ray, I knew he had it in him. :-) Since his forte appears to be bad science coupled with gouts of violence, (I base this assumption on all two of the series I’ve seen, so you *know* you can trust me on this) I was especially looking forward to reading Blue Drop. I quite enjoy a little bad science coupled with violence from time to time, and as Kaguyahime has finished, I’m in need of fix.

In any case, Blue Drop is a loose collection of stories set appropriately in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens basically landed on Earth and after a war, won. They are using humans, most especially human kids to something something, and the kids are shunned because they are something something, but mostly because they have white hair while they are infected.

The “resistance” has decided that, since they can’t fight the aliens, they’ll kill the kids. I did like the fact that the resistance for once wasn’t a noble cause, but a bunch of angry obsessives, who have obviously lost sight of the objective.

The first story is about a boy who is carrying the whateveritis, and the girl that likes him. She sleeps with him, watches him die and a year later has a baby to remember him by and forget any of the crappy stuff that went on.

Then we meet Yui. She’s got some mean fightin’ skills and proceeds to save infected Ami from the mean old resistance. There’s plenty of tension between the two of them, and Ami even offers to sleep with Yui, but Yui gets all noble and leaves. Yui takes on the resistance and appears to die. Time passes, we see Ami has recovered and Yui, somberly reflects from a distance that it’s better that way for everyone. Ami can be normal again.

Kyomi and Rumi are the same age – Rumi’s like a sister to Kyomi. Until they both turn 13 and somehow, Kyomi realizes that Rumi’s taken everything that was dear to her – her friends and even more importantly, the guy she likes. They argue, until Kyomi gets hurt and Rumi learns that the person Kyomi likes…is her. too late, she runs off, in time to find that Kyomi has been infected by the alien and to see her become one with them. Another opportunity lost.

We see Shouko in the doctor’s office at school, where she asks the school’s female doctor out. Misato-sensei begs off politely, but Shouko’s friends have at her unmercilessly, in the way that only really good friends will. Shouko goes home to work in her family’s inn. Her mother tells her to take some beer to a room where a guest is staying. Shouko comes in to the room and sees Yui stripping another female employee, exhorting her to not worry, etc, etc. Yui and Shouko are excited to see one another – Yui shows her affection by pulling Shouko’s kimono down and snuggling her breasts, until Shouko punches her across the room. Shouko tells Yui about her feelings for the teacher, but Yui warns her off.

Yui and Misato discuss Shouko, and Yui’s existence, as well. Misato tries to convince Yui that she is a human, but Yui does not accept that. (We’ve learned previously that she’s half human half alien). The resistance grabs Shouko to get to Yui, and Misato turns out to be part of the resistance. Yui kisses Misato and apologizes, saying that she wants to protect Shouko more than keep the promise that they have between them. Yui gives Misato a handkerchief to wipe her face as she and Shouko run off. Misato promises to give it back one day – a promise that Yui accepts.

Yui and Shouko are watching the news, (in between a little light sexual harrassment by Yui) when Yui gets a call. They go out to find Misato-sensei on the ground – clearly after a rape and assault. She apologize to Yui, saying that she got her handkerchief dirty again. The hostile crowd demands Misato’s death on account of the fact that she’s been given the alien vaccine to kids.

They go back to Yui’s place where Misato cleans up and we get lots of expository discusssion. Just as we’re all relaxed, the resistance shows up to kill Misato. Shouko is dragged off to safety, but Yui obviously and visibly draws a gun on Misato. The room explodes.

The last scene shows us Yui talking to Misato, whom she has saved, about Ami from the earlier chapter. Misato correctly identifies Ami as Yui’s “type.” Yui leaves with a jaunty “I’ll be back!” to which Misato responds “I’ll see you!”.

The volume ends, but assumably, the adventure goes on in that space where stories we have created live.

Blue Drop is hardly great literature, but as violent lesbian leads go, Yui shows compassion, nobility, and mostly healthy sexual behavior…and has a sense of humor about it, which make it all readable.


Art – 8 (I especially like the immense frozen tortured faces that dot the landscape)
Story – 7
Characters – 5
Yuri – 6
Service – 5

Overall – 6

Please remember, downloading scans doesn’t pay the artist’s rent. If you enjoy the scanlation, think about picking up a copy of the real thing. You can click the picture above for the link to it on Amazon JP.

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  1. Himiko-chan says:

    I read Blue Drop in Englis in this site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcTk7NEUOAQ

    My question is: Where I cant Buy this manga in English.


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  2. You can’t find it in English, because it is not for sale in English.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi there Erica!
    Could you write something about Blue Drop: tenshi no bokura?

  4. @Anonymous – Nope. I thought the second volume of Blue Drop was vile and refuse to review it or have it reviewed on my blog.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What was vile about it? :o

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