Yuri Fanfic: New Look for "World Shaking" Fanfic!

October 19th, 2006

“World Shaking” Fanfic is pleased and thrilled to announce a nice spiffy new look, courtesy of Kyanite!

The header pages have all been changed over and seem to be working fine on every browser we have around the house…so no Safari, but the rest of the lot seem to be looking good (thanks to a fix by several loyal and terrific readers!)

So take a moment and check out the shiny new image for WSF – and enjoy a new Maria-sama ga Miteru fanfic, Until We Meet Again:1. The new story is based on a scene from Parasol o Sashite, and is the first in a short series.

Enjoy the new story and the new look and my thanks to Kyanite!

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7 Responses

  1. ~kokone says:

    Seems like some positioning issues in the table tags at the end of the page. I’ll see what I can do. I could probably provide you with a quick fix for that by tomorrow or something.

  2. Thank you – that would be really nice, and greatly appreciated. :-)

    Now that I’ve got the thing up, I plan on going through it and cleaning up the code. It’s long overdue, but I’m so damn lazy. LOL

  3. ~kokone says:

    Ack, my apologies. While I do think it’s minor, it’s not gonna be fun going through those cursed td tags. Need some time to clean those codes before I can see what went wrong.

    Trust me, cleaning up table tags is no fun. >_
    If you’re ok with that, I’ll provide you with that quick fix by tomorrow and perhaps discuss about the other thing through email.


  4. Oh, hey, no rush! It’s been a mess for oh, almost a decade. LOL What’s a few more days?

  5. KyaniteD says:

    Simple fix:

    Put an “end table” tag before the first pico search box comment:

    the characters you like best.

  6. Thank god for people who know what they are doing!

    When I get home I’ll add that and watch my troubles whisked away!

    (For the record, I did know it was a table issue, and I even knew it had to do with the search box. But after 3 hours of working on the site last night, I got tired and decided to drop the matter until tonight. LOL)

    But my deepest and sincerest thanks to you for saving me the work. :-)

  7. ~kokone says:

    Ooops, how did I miss that end tag? But hehe, tables scares me ^_^; Oh well, at least it’s fixed :)

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