Yuri Drama CD: Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Majyo to "Madrigal Halloween"

November 15th, 2006

I had the weirdest sensation upon opening this Drama CD. Staring down at the cover I suddenly thought, “What am I doing? I can’t understand Japanese!”  (o_O) Thankfully, the moment passed and I had no particular trouble understanding this story. ^_^

Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Majyo to: “Madrigal Halloween” is a double dose of adorable Yuri goodness from Fujieda Miyabi, creator of Iono-sama Fanatics, Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan and, obviously, Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Majyo to.

Because this story has a complex history, let me give you enough detail to get by:

Letty is an European witch (the Majyo of the title) who inadvertently rescues Tsumugi (the Miko of the title) from imprisonment at a mountain shrine.

In their journeys, they visit a tea shop known as the Ame-iro Kouchakan, where they meet the owner Seriho, her assistant Sarasa (who has an enormous crush on Seriho) and two regular customers Haru and Hinoko who seem awfully chummy.

This Drama CD follows the events of the first MikoMajyo Drama CD (the one that came in the deluxe manga set), and the Ame-iro Kouchakan Kandan extra comic that came with Yuri Hime 5, in which they do a special menu and performance for Tanabata. This last sentence is relevant, I promise.

(Why is is that, with Yuri Hime-related stories, I’m always running around gathering pieces to put the stories together??? This is as bad as the fractured history of what is now Hatsukoi Shimai!)

The Drama CD begins, not with Letty or Tsumugi, but with Seriho introducing the story in her breathy, little girl voice.

The season is autumn and Halloween is right around the corner. Seriho wants to do a Halloween Special, like they did for Tanabata. (See, I told you it was relevant!) Sarasa suggests that they do a performance and special menu again. Sarasa and she share a moment of extreme breathless adorable closeness, which got *so* breathy I was hard put to understand the words. ^_^

Letty and Tsumugi arrive with the news that they have just moved into this particular neighborhood. Seriho notes that it’s so wonderful that they’re living together in love-love bliss – I think just to make Letty sputter her objections…not to the sentiment itself, but to the way it was put, you know.

Seriho brings up Halloween.  Letty says she doesn’t know anything about it because they don’t celebrate it in her country.  Apparently Fujieda Miyabi does not know that European witches are likely to be pretty well-informed on Halloween. Luckily, Sarasa knows all about it and explains the basics: it’s a holiday associated with monsters and kids in costumes walk around begging for candy. She frightens Seriho with her enthusiastic “Trick or Treat!” and explanation thereof.

The Miko and Witch are asked if they want to help for the Halloween special. Letty passes, but because Tsumugi wants to, she acquiesces. Letty fears, rightfully, that she’ll be a clutz. Thanks fully, Tsumugi is a natural at carrying a tray with glasses. Phew.

Later that day, when they arrive home, Letty apologizes for being such a stick-in-the-mud, but she was, embarrassingly enough, afraid of being uncool in Tsumugi’s eyes. Tsumugi reaffirms for the upmteenth time that Letty will always be cool – and cute – to her. They embrace, Letty takes the stick out of her ass, we smile.

Hinoko and Haru decide that they should all wear costumes for the big day. Tsumugi shows up in her Miko’s clothing, which prompts a way-personal exchange between Tsumugi and Letty, which Hinoko interrupts by sticking wolf ears on Tsumgi. Tsumugi’s cuteness (coupled with her hyper-adorable “growrr! designed to fail utterly at being scary) makes Letty bail before she explodes in public. When Seriho, who is dressing up as a wolfman puts on the ears and growls even more adorably, Sarasa runs after Letty. (Now there’s an image – the two of them outside dunking their heads in a fountain or something, trying to cool off…! ^_^) Haru says she’ll be Frankenstein, Hinoko wants to be a jack-o-lantern. Letty will, of course, be a witch. (When Haru later compliments her on her costume, Letty thinks that it’s just her everyday wear….)

While handing out flyers, Letty runs into shrine guardian Isuzu who is INCENSED that Tsumugi-sama is being put to work. Letty assures her that it was Tsumugi’s choice. Isuzu says that Kinu-sama, the mountain god Tsumugi used to serve, has been whining for three months solid about wanting to go back to the tea shop. She grudgingly agrees to come by tomorrow.

The next day is Halloween – we’re all ready to go. Flyers have been distributed, Haru has advertised the event on her website, Hinoko has invited everyone who would listen only…

…a typhoon is coming.

Seriho insists that they be ready to go anyway, even though it’s supposed to be record-breaking rain and winds.

The next day as Isuzu and Kinu walk to the shop in a torrential downpour, Isuzu asks why, as a god, Kinu-sama doesn’t just stop the storm. Kinu says that there’s an agreement between gods that means she can’t interfere in matters not covered under her bailiwick.

BUT, Letty has no compunction about such things. After an emotional scene with a worried Tsumugi, she says that this is “her work” and flies off into the storm to clear it up and save Halloween.

Which, accompanied by cool sound effects and nice heroic background music, she does. The end is a pun – she turns the rain (ame) into candy (ame)  – and, now that I think about it, it’s a triple pun, since the cafe is “ame-iro”, amber – so Haru and Hinoko find themselves pelted with chocolate-covered marshmallows. ^_^

Tsumugi and Letty have, for them, a romantic reunion. Seriho suddenly thanks Letty – not knowing that it was indeed she who saved the day. When asked why she thanked her, Seriho comments that Letty’s cape makes her look like a black teruterubouzu. (A little ghostie charm that supposedly brings good weather.)

Seriho once again makes Sarasa speechless, Letty and Tsumugi continue to be rabu-rabu and Hinoko asks, coyly, if Haru loves her. When Haru blows a gasket, she says she’s only kidding – and she probably is.  ^_^

Isuzu and mountain god Kinu-sama arrive, all dolled up and ready to help out at the cafe for the day. To Letty’s intense distress, Seriho puts the wolf ears on her (Letty.) “Now say “growr,” says Seriho, just before Letty screams.

Sarasa ties the story up with some affectionate discussion of this happy little cafe and the wonderful friendship and love inside it. The end. ^_^

The final track is a quickie by the voice actresses with intros and brief discussions of how much fun it was to make this CD.

The one extra with this CD is a short comic in the credits booklet, by creator Fujieda Miyabi-sensei.

Like most Fujieda stories, the Yuri here is of the cute, snuggly variety. But Sarasa overheating in front of Seriho, and Letty and Tsumugi’s obvious affection is sweet and…well, sweet. :-) Ame-iro, indeed.


Characters – 8
Story – 7
Music/Foley – 7
Yuri – 7
Service – 1

Overall – 8

I’ve had this CD a week and already listened to it twice. ^_^

2013 Note: Without question, this is the one Drama CD I have listened to the most often of all of them I own. It never fails to make my smile. ^_^

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  1. Kedso says:

    Well, I’m confuse. ._.

    You said that Letty is a English Witch, ok.
    I thought it was right until the halloween thing. Then I reminded that in the lililicious version it seens like Letty is from Germany.

    (in the chapter 2 is a little map, showing Germany and Japan, and how far they’re form each other. And Letty say’s that is too far to go to her home country by broom)

    Well that makes sense, but I’m still confuse, who is right?

    Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I just can read english, not write it. -_-

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