It’s been four long years…

December 30th, 2006

Something is terribly, terribly wrong.

The car came on time (early even), the driver was pleasant, the woman who helped us check our luggage was pleasant and even ran after the wife when she dropped a credit card while getting out her passport. The people on the (short) security line were pleasant and I wasn’t pulled over for a special search.

Welcome to bizarro land.

If you are familair at all with me, you know about my magical power to slip through the cracks and be forgotten, lost, abandoned.

This time – the plane was comfortable(?!) the food edible and even weirder, when we finally arrived at the hotel, they knew who I was. It’s all been so…*strange*.

Anyway, I’m here in Tokyo in a hotel where the staff has, thusfar, been stellar (!) and now I crash.

Good night sweet princes and princesses. See you at Comiket!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have fun at Comiket!
    By the way, if you get tired of all the manga and stuff(If it’s possible) have you tried reading the webcomic Nine planets W/O intelligent life? If you haven’t, Don’t let the title fool you. It’s got all the philosophical what-nots to ward away the american fangirls in naruto cosplay
    shouting ‘Kawaii~^___^!!'(If they have those at comiket) AND two reoccurring lesbian robots with a relationship honestly more believable than most comics i’ve seen.

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