Unrepentant Begging

March 13th, 2007

I am having an absolutely crappy week. I don’t whine much here, but starting with an abominable Friday, it’s just been going downhill. I hate feeling this way. I can’t force you to do anything, but you can all help me feel less crappy by buying a copy of my book.

Buy a copy of Shoujoai ni Bouken, preferably from ALC directly, but I’ll understand if you go through Amazon, and make me feel better.

I’m certain that you’ll enjoy the story – Yuriko is a very entertaining character and her friends are fun. And I think the illustrations are spiffy.

So if you want something fun, something nearly angst-free, but 100% yuri, get The Adventures of Yuriko. If you’ve already read it, it makes a fun, off-beat gift. If you’ve enjoyed it online, then buying a copy is a nice way to thank me for all that free entertainment.

If you buy a copy directly through the Yuricon Shop, tell me that you’re an Okazu reader, and I’ll autograph the book – just let me know what message you’d like. If you say, “write anything,” you’ll get my default message, so you may want to rethink that… ;-)

So, yes, buy my book and make me happy. It’s that simple. :-)

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3 Responses

  1. I bought my copy yesterday along with the other books I needed to catch up with from the past few years. :D ‘Looking forward to finally read it all without the monitor burn. ;)

    I hope things get better for you this week.

  2. Thanks – they just did. ;-)

  3. John Fiala says:

    I bought it from you at Otakon last year. I should have had you sign it for me at the time.

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