Yuri Manga: Read or Dream, Volume 4 (English)

May 15th, 2007

Once again, I have the pleasure of thanking Ted for his sponsorship of today’s review! Yay Ted!

What is there to say about Read or Dream, Volume 4 that hasn’t been said already? I mean that literally, since I reviewed the story in some detail two years ago. ^_^

Here are links to the first and second parts of the Japanese edition review. (There are many spoilers, since I was reviewing the Japanese-language edition for people who I expected did not know the language.)

As with all the other English-language volumes of Read or Dream, Volume 4 is translated well enough that you get the humor, the irony, the adventure and the latent sexual tension. There’s nothing to complain about (except the lack of honorifics.) If anything, this volume reads the most smoothly of all of them. It’s reproduced exactly the same as the others, with no color pages, and the story that originally ran on the cover under the dust jacket translated in pages at the end of the book.

So, really, there’s nothing to be said about Volume 4 that hasn’t already been said…except this. When mail comes and Anita receives a copy of Hisami’s book, Maggie also receives a letter…from overseas. And blushes mightily, when Michelle assumes it’s a love letter. Since it is clearly from Faye, from way back in Volume 1, we can smile and think, why yes, yes it is.


Art – 7
Story – 8
Character – 8
Yuri – 7

Overall – 8

The big downside is *still* no Nenene. I want a new series with grumpy, grown-up Nenene and her biggest fan, Yomiko, traveling post ROD The TV. Waaah. (OK, OK, I admit it…I wrote it already in a fanfic.

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