Yuri Manga: Battle Binder Plus

June 21st, 2007

I was cleaning out my shelves and picking through my files for stuff to get rid of, when I came across a few olddddddd series I never reviewed. Before I make these series go away and clear off the space, I thought I’d take a look at these deservedly obscure titles. :-)

To my utter shock, as I surfed around the intertubes trying to find a picture (I never did and had to scan the cover in,) I learned that today’s objet d’review was actually translated by Antarctic Press. It looks like they published it way back in comic book (pamphlet-style) format and it’s probably flipped, as well. I have never read it – never even *seen* any of the issues until today, so can’t comment on how good. bad or indifferent it is. I found my untranslated copy at the home of all deservedly obscure manga, Book-Off.

Battle Binder Plus is a, uh, well, piece of crap. Unless you’re the person who writes descriptions for Radio Comix. Then it’s “Classic translated adult manga from Japanese artist Rulia 046! Space Cop Kalone (aka Charon) always gets her man- or woman as the case may be! Cover colors by ARNie, English adaptation by Elin Winkler. A real piece of manga history!”

I won’t tell you which one of us to believe. I’m not sure I *know* which one of us to believe. :-) But I sure as heck didn’t see the heroine boinking any guys, I’ll just say that.

The story, such as it is, begins with lesbian sex, moves on to gruesome violence, then flashes back and forth between lesbian sex and violence indiscriminately, with some hardsuit-style armor and light mutation for fun. There’s a plot. Of course there’s a plot. Does it matter? Would you really be combing used manga store shelves to get it for the PLOT? Please. We’re more honest than that here.

Is it worth reading? Sure. What the heck. Why not. It’s better than a User’s Manual or a filling out office paperwork. And Charon’s sort of fun as she leaps around destroying naked women, robots and naked women robots.

You know, I think I won’t get rid of this manga. It’s too stupid to lose. One day I’ll be staring at my shelves thinking, “what I’d really like to read is a story about a lesbian cop that has sex with, then crushes the head of, a predatory android.” This book will totally come in handy then.


Art – sort of old school big hair – 7
Story – beats me – 5
Characters – cool lesbian cop, duh – 8
Yuri – 9
Service – 8

On the one side, it really is trash. On the other, at least it’s not coy, or loli, or anything other than good, solid, honest adult female cop x android trash. Oh, and the author appears to be kind of famous-ish, too.

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5 Responses

  1. punistation says:

    Oh wow, I’ve seen that cover.

    I don’t know where (advertisement?), but it must’ve been decades ago. Back when the only manga was Ninja High School and “Rawnma One Half”.

    (Am I the only one who remembers when video stores first started stocking JP titles? Plastic Little and one or two Ranma 1/2 tapes on the bottom shelf in the Cult section?)

  2. Fem says:

    got the last copy right here. picked it up for .35 the other day. using the art to decorate a frame to hang on my wall. lol. should i feel guilty about blatantly destroying the last issue?

  3. HentaiM says:

    I’ve read this manga. It was interesting for me.!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey, don’t bash on loli. :p

  5. @Anonymous – You don’t like loli being bashed, don’t read this blog. I have absolutely no tolerance for your pederasty.

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