"Simoun" Anime US Premiere at Yuricon’s 2007 "Yurisai" Event

September 18th, 2007

Newark, NJ – Yuricon, a celebration of yuri in anime and manga, is pleased to announce the US Premiere of the Simoun anime at their 2007 “Yurisai” event!

Simoun, licensed by Media Blasters, media publisher of products targeted to fan-oriented specialty markets, tells the story of a world torn by war, and the trials of a squadron of warrior-priestesses, the Sibylla of Chor Tempest. “Simoun” was voted “Best Yuri Series” of 2006 by Okazu.

Yuricon’s 2007 “Yurisai” event, will be held Sept. 29th at the Newark, NJ Gateway Hilton! Join Yuricon and Media Blasters for the only 100% Yuri day of the year!

For more information on Yuricon, please visit our website.

For more information on Media Blasters please visit their website.

Yuricon – “For real women who like their women…animated.”

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8 Responses

  1. Fuyumi says:

    Oo, I’m quite excited for this – Simon was an excellent series.

    The cover art is a little WTF-ish, though, I must admit – what on earth is Aeru doing with her shirt?

  2. All of the DVD cover art is tremendously service-y and sexually suggestive. I quite like it, actually. lol

    The picture of Wahporifu and Morinasu is smokin’.

  3. Tomoyo says:

    I just checked the amazon link you provided and based on the running time it looks like the DVD will have 5, maybe even 6!, episodes on it! Talk about getting a good deal. I was thinking Media Blasters would put 3-4 episodes per DVD and we’d have to buy 6-8 DVDs for the whole set, but this is must better than expected. At this rate, the whole series will be out in 5 DVDs. Looks like good things happen to good series. ^^

  4. 6 episodes, I think, is what they announced. It’s very good…but I really hope they insert the lost cover art at posters or something. I’d hate to lose some of those pictures, the way the DVD cover of Kouya and Yamato was left out of Loveless.

  5. Fuyumi says:

    Eh, I shouldn’t really complain about DVD artwork; I’m one of those pains in the ass when it comes to artwork. Plus, I live in a fairly conservative household – sneaking this past the relatives is just going to be a wee bit harder ;)

  6. Gundam says:

    Simoun was great Yuri anime (even though that Yuri part could actually be seen pretty late in the series – short of that load of kisses, lol) but I can’t actually agree with the Best 2006 Yuri Series. That would suggest that Simoun was better Yuri than Strawberry Panic! – no matter how you look at it, that will never be true, for there isn’t (at least now) any anime with as much Yuri as SP!. ;p

  7. Frea says:

    *whistles* whoa… after looking up the other dvd cover art, I am compelled to agree. It would be quite a shame to miss some of that rather… titillating art. It also strikes me as the “Newtype Effect” done in the way it should be done if the industry weren’t overrun with lfb/lfg sludge.

    Now, I need to excuse myself before I revert back to giggling like a teenager for another ten minutes.

  8. basic.syntax says:

    The art may be a bit of fun on its own, but it’s also kind of a problem because it doesn’t represent the tamer contents; less “controversial” art could attract more purchases at retail.

    I hope the various names in MB’s subs are close to the Simoun-Fans consensus as I got so used to those. :)

    Don’t wait for the box set folks, it’s really important to buy #1’s of new releases to cast your vote and improve chances for extra material down the road.

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