Drama CD: Twinkle Saber Nova, Crossing Star

March 17th, 2008

Once again, lured by the siren call of a Drama CD extra, I found myself picking up the third volume of Twinkle Saber Nova. (For a brief review of the story, please read my comments on Volume 1.) Volume 3 is more of the same, with two notable exceptions: Hayana, the leader of the “Ally of Justice” Club, gains a new, personal rival from the “World School Uniform Club,” Shouko. And the Ally of Justice Club gains a new member, Ryou.

Shouko’s rivalry with Hayana is intense – so intense, you can easily see it as that love/hate thing that happens in nearly every manga series. And, in fact, Fujieda has paired Shouko and Hayana in his 2008 Yuri calendar. It came as a bit of a shock to me, since I always mentally paired Hayana with her admiring protege, Satsuki. But no. I’m wrong. And here’s why:

In the Drama CD, Crossing Star, a new restaurant is opening, so of course Hayana needs to run off and see what’s up. But there’s something special and different going on at this openiing. The shop is selling accessories guaranteed to win the love and friendship of the person whose name you write down.

Hayana goes over to the new shop, where she encounters practically every single member of the World School Uniform Club, including her shiny new arch-rival, Shouko. ^_^ Meanwhile, back in the Ally of Justice Club HQ, Satsuki asks club manager Aoi for advice on how to become closer to Ryou.

Hayana returns bearing gifts. For Satsuki, matching rings for her and Ryou, to foster, you know, kouhai-doushi, a bonding between her cute club juniors. Satsuki runs off breathlessly excited. Hayana turns to Aoi, her long-time best friend, and someone with whom she would like to become even closer, and shows her the rings she had made for them. Blue for Aoi, pink for herself. Aoi is embarrassed, but accepts.

Satsuki offers the ring to Ryou, who says she’s not ready to get married or engaged yet. lol Satsuki explains that it’s a way for them to become more friendly, but Ryou responds that they are already close in her mind. She also bought something for Satsuki, a nice selection of pudding. Satsuki and Ryou share pudding, rings and close friendship.

The whole thing is hideously adorable. ^_^

As I mentioned in my earlier review of this series, Fujieda himself has said that there is implicit Yuri in this series. I think that this Drama CD went a couple steps into making that implicit a tad more explicit, although I would have liked to see Hayana and Shouko get a little closer too. ^_^


Art – N/A, but Yuri Cover art.
Story – 6 Very fluffy
Characters – 7
Yuri – 4
Service – 3

Overall – 6

This Drama CD has motivated me to re-read the whole series over again and pay attention this time.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Unrelated to content but related to postage date –

    Happy St. Patricks day! Pinch away~

  2. Padraig is yet another Christian Saint whose day I do not celebrate.

    I only really like two saints. The Barbara who was eaten by a dragon and came out again alive. (There are some three dozen St. Barbaras, but she’s the least realistic.)

    And St. Lawrence, for being a snarky bastard as he was martyred.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eh, well, when it comes to Christian holidays, I celebrate them more as a cultural/family tradition then I do for the religion it’s meant for. I know others who take it as a commercialized holiday, or a holiday to support economics (though more in relation to things like Christmas).

    I’m not all that well informed with the saits of history though. Who’s St. Lawrence?

  4. Senbei says:

    *joins in the Fujieda fangirlism* Wow, this story seems different from his other works, but stilly totally adorable. Since it’s not overly expensive i’m thinking about getting the first volume. Any chance it might be appearing on the Yuricon shop in the near future? ;P

  5. You can just use the link here on Okazu. The Drama CD is an extra that comes with the third volume of the manga – this deluxe edition is linked to the picture or title in this review. That ought to lead you to the rest of the volumes. (If not, email me and I’ll send you links.)

    The manga has little Yuri, so I’d feel like I was misleading people by putting them on the Yuricon Shop.

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