From the Floor of the Hynes Convention Center

March 21st, 2008

Seriously. I’m sitting on the floor here in the DR, typing this. :-)

First – the Fanfiction Panel is tonight at 7:00 PM, not 9. Room 209

Secondly, the fabulous folks at Media Blasters gave me a copy of Strawberry Panic! anime, Volume 1, which we watched last night. Full review to come, but overall it’s good. There’s still room for improvement…which I am going to walk over and talk to them about right now.

Oh, and don’t watch anime with Sean Gaffney. He makes up extra BGM and foley effects. ;)

Got to run, much to do before we open, see you all later !

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  1. oneplusme says:

    So now I’m imagining Sean beatboxing a 70’s porn soundtrack over the entire show.

    Say, there’s an idea for an extra audio track for Media Blasters to use…

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