Yuri News This Week – April 25, 2008

April 26th, 2008

The top story this weekend – ALC Publishing is teaming up with award-winning lesbian novelist J.D. Glass for a special American Goth side story in Yuri Monogatari 6! We’re very excited to have J.D. joining Eriko Tadeno, Rica Takashima and Circle UKOZ as part of our next 100% Yuri anthology.

New titles to watch out for – Sasamekikoto, Volume 2 (review of Volume 1 coming shortly, promise!) and the third Hayate x Blade Drama CD – along with a host of other great Yuri – are now available on the Yuricon Shop.

We’ve also got some new Yuri Events up! Although it’s not Yuri, I will be doing a lecture at the Brooklyn Museum of Art on June 14, as part of their Japanese art programming. Along with their heavily promoted Murakami and Utagawa exhibits, they’ll be showing Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell: Innoncence, and I’ll be talking about, erm, something related to that. LOL Should be interesting, anyway. :-)

Speaking of related events, Afterellen.com has asked their NYC-area lesbian readership to hold May 18 for a get-together. I’m going to try and be there, so if any of you women need a reason to get off the couch and meet people, this seems like a darn good one.

And in the “series to keep an eye out for” file, Okazu reader Gareas reminds us that Young Gun Carnaval aka YGC, the Light Novel, Drama CD and manga series, has lesbians in it. :-) I know a few folks have pointed me in the direction of this series, so i promise to take a look and report back. :-)

As always, if you know of any Yuri-related news, please feel free to drop me a line at anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com. It’s always appreciated!

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  1. “they’ll be showing Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell: Innoncence”

    Or as I’d like to call it “Poetry time with Batou the grumpy”

    I tried to like it! Honest! I like Batou and Togusa from the original movie, series and manga, but this? I really felt like I was in a lecture on Oshii’s view of life and not a movie about any of the characters. Sure they were in it, but nothing happens. Just a bunch of phrases.

    And I loved the commentary on the DVD. When the card reading 2501 comes up in the film, Oshii says “Anyone whose seen the first film will get that” and the producer who is recording with him says “You can have people who watch the first film and still not get it.” Which is exactly what happened to me. I completely and utterly forgot what 2501 meant to Batou and the Major. This film really hated me.

    If you do talk about this film, I’d like to hear what you had to say!

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