Yuri Manga: Yuri Hime, Volume 12 Part 1

May 21st, 2008

Like a bag of mixed candy, Yuri Hime Volume 12 provides some tasty treats and some flavors that maybe one doesn’t like quite so much. lol

We begin with Goth-Loli story “Epitaph.” When it first began, I was witholding my judgement. Now a whole volume into it, I’m finally comfortable saying that I find it to be flavorless. It reminds me of Venus Versus Virus in the way it wraps an episodic and not particularly engaging plot around a not-particularly engaging not-quite couple. Towa and Ash are, well…boring. This chapter introduces the traditional rival couple, who are, as tradition demands just slightly more of a couple than our primary couple. There is a threat, which is dealt with by the also slightly more competent other couple and all of it makes Ash question her not-quite relationship with Towa.

Set in the Meiji period, and told through a series of letters, a girl’s rival is also her not very secret admirer, in the short “Sakura Buntsu.”

“Clover” follows the uncomfortable triangle of Student Council president Tachibana, and her VP, Hashimoto, as Tachibana discovers that Hashimoto unexpectedly has a girlfriend, Katou. Tachibana pushes Hashimoto to acknowledge and pursue the relationship, even as she realizes that she’s pretty heartbroken over it. Tachibana goes home and cries on her sister’s chest, but complains that it would have been nicer if she was bustier. Words of wisdom, I think. :-)

“Ichigo Ichigo Ichigo” is a school doctor-student love story that has the most unpleasant use of strawberries I’ve seen so far. (Whatever you’re thinking right now – it wasn’t that. It was just that I kept thinking, “who’s gonna clean that up?”

“Hatsukoi Kanon” surprised me. I keep forgetting that this school doctor-student relationship story is a series. lol Matsumoto-sensei and Nanao are interrupted in an embrace by Ruko-sensei, who tells Nanao that a student once fell for her. Matsumoto tells Nanao that their relationship will be over when Nanao graduates, and we learn (as if we couldn’t have guessed!) that Ruko’s admirer was Matsumoto.

Which brings me to my not-really new rule about being gay in manga. For a while, I’ve thought that falling for another girl once is basically nothing. Could be a crush, a phase, a first love, convenient, whatever. Twice is a trend. Three times, gay. lol

Moving on, in “Apple Day Dream” a new character is introduced, we dress her up and marvel at how many different ways the same three jokes can be rehashed.

“Sweet Olive Flowers” is another pretty dsyfunctional non-relationship triangle between a girl who likes another girl and the guy who likes her.

Creo has decided to attend school with Suou in “Creo the Crimson Crises.” Wackiness and DRAMA ensue.

Exam time has come, and graduation is something everyone is thinking about in “Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan.” What she’ll do when she graduates is obviously on Sarasa’s mind, and no less on Seriho’s. Seriho gets a call from someone named Sumire and, as she’s making plans uncovers a school guidebook Sarasa had left lying there. Crisis? Probaby not, but the mild tension is good for us. :-)

Takeuchi Sachiko’s Honey & Honey books (which have been reviewed here, use the search bar, I’m too lazy to link today) are reviewed as we end today’s overview of the first half of Yuri Hime 12.

I know what you want to know. You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out, won’t you? ^_^

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gah, I can’t wait to find out the latest in Strawberry Shake Sweet!! Hopefully it’ll go on for multiple volumes. ^^ It is definitely my favorite manga right now (not just Yuri manga), and I would give up my future first born to see it adapted (competently) into an anime! It kills me to think of some animation studio deciding that crappy Yuri like the Kannazuki no Miko manga is good enough to be adapted, but not Strawberry Shake! Anyway, thank you for first introducing me to the Strawberry Shake Sweet manga, Erica!

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