Hakodate Youjin Buraijou Himegami Manga, Volume 2

June 1st, 2008

In March, I took a chance on a new manga on the off chance that it might not suck, and lo and behold! it totally was wonderful manga crack! Women with giant haunches and breasts fighting supernatural creepy things in provocative clothes to save the poor peasants of Hakodate against evil foreign influences in the early days after Perry forced Japan open to the west. I enjoyed the heck out of it.

And so we crack open the covers of Hakodate Youjin Buraijou Himegami Volume 2. The bad guys this time are a bunch of Civil War rejects that have become Youjin, who are seeking to encourage the assistance of a particular man by killing his son and threatening the rest of his family. His one child escapes and goes running straight into the arms of Cabaret dancer Himeka. Hime of course grabs Hyou and they head out to fight the evil foreigners.

Of course Hyou gets in a little trouble and of *course* Himeka transforms into Himegami and this time we get to watch. Whoo. So Himegami and Hyou fight the evil civil war soldier-monsters and just as things are getting a little hairy three more women who are dressed just like Himegami, but with different totem animals show up – the calvary has arrived. Hyou is a little “buh?” and so are we, but we just go with it and enjoy the action and the fishnet nijna costumes.

After the bad guys have been dealt with, Himeka comforts Hyou as she goes through the pangs of the leaf marks on her back disappearing. They have some genuinely tender moments together and Himeka hopes that maybe Hyou will lighten up, but, no. That’s about all the Yuri we get this volume, but it works for me. ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 6
Characters – 7
Yuri – 3
Service – 6

Overall – 7

I’m actually looking forward to the next volume – I want to know who those chicks are and what the deal is with Himegami. Plus I keep hoping that she will get a kiss in soon. ^_^

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  1. Elevan says:

    *Sob sob* I know… too cute ToT … Himeka and Hyou are so damn cute together

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