Quick AnimeNEXT 2008 Recap

June 22nd, 2008

AnimeNEXT and MangaNEXT (yes, there will be one in 2008) are my “home” cons. The audience is usually quite friendly and exhaustingly fresh-faced and youthful. :-)

Yuricon and ALC never have a major impact here, mostly because the audience is so young. Paddles are likely to do quite well here, because these attendees aren’t quite old enough to buy porn – which for some reason, is all they really want. lol

This year it was a lot of new faces at the Yuri Panel, mostly none of whom had ever heard of any of the series we’ve been going on at great length about here and on the Yuricon Mailing List. So it was a bit of an upstream swim, but we all warmed up to one another after a little while. :-)

Secondly and quite majorly (but no one in the Yuri Panel knew what I was talking about so, again, no impact) Media Blasters told me that why yes they have licensed Maka Maka and they are working on it right now. I’m assured its going to look great. :-) I asked if could say anything and they were like – sure, all surprised. I replied – you know you never made a licensing announcement. They looked puzzled, “didn’t we?” Uh, no. lol And lots of love to Clark this weekend for being a really nice guy. :-)

So, let’s see, major thanks to my best lackeys Serge and Donna, translator extraordinaire Mari Morimoto, the lovely Isabel, Hyo, Devin and Leanne, who is as evil as ever. :-) And thanks to everyone who got something from our table, whether it be book, postcard or grab bag! (Did I ever tell you people about those? Every year at ANEXT, I clean out my house of all the stuff I got over the year. DVDs, magazine, books, toys, promotional items, etc. I scoop ’em all up and make grab bags which *always* are sold out by Friday night here. It’s crazy. lol)

Today should be quiet for us, but I do have a Fanfic Writing workshop today at noon. Always fun. See you there! :-)

I’ll be back to reviews soon.

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