MangaNEXT quickie report

November 2nd, 2008

Hi all – Sorry for no Saturday Yuri News report this week. In fact I had typed it all up and set it to print yesterday…and it disappeared. I didn’t have time to do it all again before I left and the internet access in this hotel is sketchy at best.

So MangaNEXT has been an extremely pleasant con, with some of the best panel audiences I’ve ever had. It’s not a huge con, so you can spend time with people and talk in a way that you just cannot at a big con.

None of my panels had dozens, but I’m absolutely convinced that every person who came was like 90% engaged with the topic, which was great.

Rica Takashima and Mari Morimoto came to my room last night and I showed them Saint Oniisan and Gunjou and they really liked them. Rica tells me that she knows a former editor at Morning 2 and reinforced what I heard from Yukari Shiina, that Gunjou is being widely critically acclaimed in Japan. I know Rica and Mari are having fun, but Mari is working too hard, as usual. :-)

Anyway, the staff here at MangaNEXT have been superlative, the atmosphere is friendly and comfortable and fun. I’m in the Artist Alley, not the DR, and the feeling there is pretty different, it’s a nice room with lots of windows, so we get natural light….very lovely. Yesterday we had a load of YC staffers arrive for the day, so we had a party at the table all day. It was fabulous. (Of course they came just in time for the pizza that had just arrived,. lol)

Today I’ll visit my peeps in the DR, see how their weekend is going, but I really want to say that for my last con of 2008, MangaNEXT has been perfect.I really hope you’ll join me here in 2009!

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7 Responses

  1. Ellen Rose says:

    I love cons in the 100-200 person range. I was at Magna cum Murder (an academic mystery con) a week ago. About 140 attendees, and I had some of the best conversations, just sitting around.

  2. Dragoncaster says:

    “Quickie report” eh? Choice title there, Erica. ^_^

    Glad the ‘Con went well. Wish we could catch more of a following though. It’s just not fair that we’re ignored.

  3. MangaNEXT is more like a 1000+ con, compared with ABoston (18K) and Otakon (25K) it feels small and comfy.

  4. “compared with ABoston (18K) and Otakon (25K) it feels small and comfy.”

    And I trust that attendees who got in didn’t have to wait in line for five and a half hours like at ABoston?


  5. Mike says:

    It was nice to hang out with y’all as well. What’s the next con on your agenda?

  6. Mike – don’t know, really. I’ll have to think about it eventually, but I can’t even commit to Thanksgiving. lol

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