Hayate x Blade Contest!

November 8th, 2008

Good news, everyone! (Yes, yes, that was a Futurama reference)

By the kindness and generosity of sponsor Ted the Awesome, I am pleased to announce a special Hayate x Blade contest open only to members of the Yuricon Mailing List and readers of Okazu!

You have three ways to win:

1) Write a fanfic (no more than 500 words) about Yuricon mascot Yuriko at Tenchi Gakuen

2) Draw a piece of fan art that shows any of the characters of Shoujoai ni Bouken or Saiyuu no Ryouko as students at Tenchi Gakuen

3) In no more than 100 words, tell me about your ideal shinyuu, with whom you would want to compete in the Hoshitori!


4) Entertain me in some other way. (Make an AMV of Marimite to Disney’s “Kiss the Girl” or draw Medusa and Alecto as shinyuu, or something else clever and fun. It’s up to you, but it has to entertain me! lol)

The most entertaining entries will win a copy of Hayate x Blade, Volume 1 for yourself or for a library near you. (Please get the library’s consent first!)

There are no other rules, except that entries must be sent to anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com by November 30.

Good luck!

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4 Responses

  1. darkchibi07 says:

    Entertaining AMV, huh? I’ll give it a shot.

    “(Make an AMV of Marimite to Disney’s ‘Kiss the Girl'”

    Bwahahaha, now there’s a fine suggestion I could probably use in the future!

  2. punistation says:

    — Make an AMV of Marimite to Disney’s “Kiss the Girl”


    Seriously, This combination is in my head. LOL’s are being had. Oh yes. LOL’s are indeed occuring as I type. Well done.

  3. Anonymous says:

    sadly i already ordered my copy from amazon xD but I’ll give you this link to an AMV of the manga on youtube it’s really well done I think you should hire whoever made this video :P he/she obviously gona make more people buy it lol!


  4. I’m not surprised there’s already an AMV. Afterall, we have scans and a 30-second animated commercial. AMVs have been made on less. lol

    But don’t forget – you can also win a copy of the book for your local library! Think how many more people can read it then.

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