Yuri News This Week – December 20, 2008

December 20th, 2008

Yuricon and ALC Publishing

The pre-order for Yuri Monogatari 6 is officially up on the refurbished Yuricon Shop! ALC Publishing now has a page for direct orders for 100% Yuri.

And we’ve migrated the Japanese Drama CDs page on the Shop to the new format! This weekend, I’m going to try and get the English Manga page to the new format, to make shopping for Yuri Manga in English a painless and pleasurable process. :-)

YM6 has a place holder on Amazon now, as well; pre-order coming soon. :-) You can sign up for updates about the availability of YM6 on Amazon.com.

We’ve updated the Yuricon Toolbar with new links and new widgets. This toolbar includes a customized “Yuri Search” and present RSS feeds so you can stay up on anime and manga news without lifting a finger. :-)


Yuri Anime

Crunchyroll announces that you can watch legally, licensed, streaming episodes of Steel Angel Kurumi and the even more Yuri Steel Angel Kurumi 2!

The director and team that brought us R.O.D. – Read or Die are working on a full-length feature film of unknown content. Might be something to look forward to…might not. lol

Canada’s YTV will be showing Futari ha PreCure. It still amazes me that western Yuri fans haven’t glommed onto this series yet. It’s totally derivative and has the world’s most annoying “cute” mascots, but the Yuri isn’t exactly subtle. lol

And Anime Vice notes that Konno Oyuki is being credited as “Supervisor” for the 4th season of Maria-sama ga Miteru, which is a leap past “consultant” or “anime based on novels by” as in previous seasons. Read more on Anime Vice’s Winter 2009 Anime Preview. Looks like we’ll get service in a few of the series, but no substance.


Other Yuri-ish News

Not really Yuri, but totally GLBTI-frendly. Fans of comic artists Abby Denson and Colleen Coover will want to take a look at their collaboration for Spiderman Family 3 which is now available at comic stores. Aunt May as the Amazing Spiderman. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want that? lol

And also not “Yuri” per se, but if you like your women animated, and are looking for a game that is a little off the beaten track, JILL-OFF might appeal to you. It’s simple, silly and about boot-licking, Queen-loving warrior of love and justice, Jill and her adventures defending her beloved Queen’s Tower. It’s so cute that I was almost tempted to try and play it. :-)


Snatches of Yuri

Amazingly, Wild Bouquet: The Flower Whose Name Spells Hope is indeed a sequel to the other Wild Bouquet Light Novel, so we can learn what happens to Deriana and Josette after they sneak away from rigid-gender-role-land. Who knows – they might even kiss this time!

Takahashi Mako apparently left her creepy kids home for her new collaboration, Seinen no tame no Dokusho Kurabu.

And Abunai! Tosho-inchou! looks to be a perfect gift for the Kokoro Library fan in your life, or anyone you know who feels that librarians ought to wear maid outfits. Personally…I’m all for the military librarians of Toshokan Sensou, but that’s just me. lol


That brings us to the end of another wonderful week o’Yuri! Keep the news items coming please – email me at anilesbocon at hotmail dot com with any Yuri news that comes your way!

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