Maria Watches Over Us ~ Printemps Anime, Volume 1 (English)

December 22nd, 2008

In the first volume of Maria Watches Over Us ~ Printemps, it’s the beginning of Yumi’s second year at Lillian Jogakuen, and her first meeting with Sachiko after the winter holiday reminds her of her adventures during the New Year’s break. She flashes back to the day when Sei invites out for an overnight at a “friend’s” house and it turns out to be an evening at Sachiko’s manor. We get to grin at Sei and Kashiwagi’s natural enmity. “Nakakiyono” is probably the most re-written of all the episodes in the entire series to date, but I find myself appreciating the changes, understanding that we are being treated to a little service as we gaze upon the Yamayurikai all dressed to the nines for the holiday.

In the second episode, we find that the apparently flaky Rosa Foetida, Torii Eriko, is even flakier than we thought. But after a possible scandal about her dating multiple men rears its ugly head, it turns out that she’s actually way more sensible than we could have ever imagined…even if she’s easily swayed by unusual things. ^_^

The volume ends on one of my personal favorite episodes, in which Yumi, desperate to step up and take hold of the position Rosa Chinensis en bouton in order to help her Onee-sama, finds herself pushed to her limit. (And since I just recently read the story in which we learn *why* Yuuki learned the island dance in the first place, I have a renewed admiration for both Yuuki and Yumi performing it in front of anyone.)

I am a little perpelexed. by the choice of “Printemps” as the season’s subtitle. Was the word “Spring” no good?

The liner notes for this volume were extra excellent, so kudos to whomever wrote those. Video extras come in the form of “Maria-sama ni ha naisho” and a preordered box set come with a phone strap that is supposed to be the White Rose, but is awfully lavender. Not that I am objecting – somehow, lavender seems a perfectly good color for the White Rose family. ^_^


Art – 7
Story – 9
Characters – 9
Yuri – 4
Service – 1

Marimite Fan – 100

Overall – 9

A lovely, fun bridge between last season’s trials and the rest of the second season’s tribulations, which will be full of tears…even the good stuff.

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7 Responses

  1. Katherine says:

    This volume (as with every other Marimite volume) was pure win. XD Already looking forward to the season 3 box set!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maria Watches Over Us has the best subs (love the “honorifics” option)
    and extras of any anime I’ve ever seen, but Printemps was an odd word choice. How many people will even know what it means without reaching for their Webster’s?

  3. grace says:

    much to my regret, i had placed my pre-order via Amazon in October and still have not received my season 2 boxset. Amazon notified me they are out of stock and i will not get my dvds until mid-January! argh!

    if only i had ordered from RightStuf…i’d have the dvds in hand plus a nifty cell phone charm.

    good lesson for me when Season 3 is ready for ordering.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Agree, the word ‘Printemps’ (French word for Spring) is not necessary. I am also still annoyed with ‘Lady Sachiko’ translation even with honorific option on.

  5. BruceMcF says:

    I love this series … but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be three disks. Episodes 1 to 5 make a perfect Graduation of the Lady Roses arc, 6 to 9 make a complete Secret of Rosa Gigantae arc, and of course the current Vol 4 with episodes 10 to 13 make a lovely Spring Rain arc.

    Since it sells as a boxed set and what people are buying are the episodes, it’d be lower unit costs as well.

  6. ajshepherd says:

    Ah, this arrived this morning (I live in the UK so while it was sent out on the 5th December it’s taken a while to arrive. Multi-region DVD players rule!) and I had to leap out of bed to go open the door in my dressing gown (which is a strange place to have a door) – and when I saw the box I was just “GLEE!!!!”

    Maybe they took ‘Printemps’ from the french title because they thought it sounded more classy?

    Still. Beautiful series, and they’re doing a great job with the releases so far!

  7. @The 2nd Anonymous: Regarding that odd “Lady” honorific, to quote a friend: “Yeah, I kind of imagine a southern rich belle kind of power when her name (Sachiko) is put like that.”

    As for the last book, now I’m keeping the wallpaper:

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