Yuri Manga: Yuri Hime S, Volume 7

January 14th, 2009

Color pages in Comic Yuri Hime S (コミック百合姫S (エス)? Why yes! The characters of “Yuru-Yuri” are *so* excited that even the voice balloons are in color! But mostly they sit around and talk in a classroom, so it’s kind of a waste. lol Luckily, Ichinjinsha has lot of exciting things to sell tell you about, so all that color isn’t entirely blown on abstract backgrounds. There seems to be some Yuri of some kind in the story, too. Mostly in the form of fantasy and wishful thinking.

In “Flower Flower,” Shuu has something else that worries her now. I really don’t care what it is. I’m starting to think that what she really needs is some Xanax. And Nina’s on the up-side of her bipolar disorder, so Shuu can freak out about that, too.

Flashy Matsuoka is in love with wallflower Tomoko in “Kikoeru Suzunone.” Tomoko can’t really believe that Matsuoka likes her, so she concocts a low-self-esteem version of their relationship, but has to acknowledge that she’s plain old wrong when she overhears Matsuoka talking to someone else about her. Tomoko and Hiromi end up celebrating a romantic Christmas Eve together, with a solid forecast of “happily ever after.”

“Tsukiko ha Bakakawa” involved really cute girls doing cute things cutely. Sometimes they hug.

Summer – what does it mean to you? In “Natsu Toieba,” Sakura and Fumiko have a checklist of things “summer” means to them. They proceed to pound through the checklist, which includes things like somen and yukata and watermelon and fireworks and all that. At the end they are able to add the most important list item of all – “love.”

Suzuki *finally* learns that there are two Kuse sisters in “Kotohana Link.” And, she learns that one, Miyako, is a “bad girl” who is openly a lesbian playgirl. After Yoriko admits her sister’s bad behavior, Suzuki admits that she too liked a girl….

Anna’s having issues in “Cassiopeia Dolce.” She really, really, really likes Elza-sensei, but sublimates her desire for the Master in her desire to own one of her dolls – which coincidentally looks just like Elza. She gets the doll, and maybe a step closer to Elza.

In “Minus Literacy,” Matsudaira begs the Yakuza boss for Miharu to be returned, but Miharu blows her off and drives away with the boss, the car symbolically splashing Matsudaira as they spin off and leaver her on the sidewalk in the rain. Cue the violins and clarinet.

Once again, I will skip “Love Cubic.”

The Vice President of the Student Council is very cheerful and relaxed today, and goes so far as to offer sweets to go with the President’s tea in “Kaichou to Fuku-kaichou.” But her good mood crumbles when she find that her beloved President has stood next to a boy in a puricula booth. The Treasurer rubs it in, declaring that he looks like a great boyfriend, but it turns out that the Treasurer also desires the President *and* saw the VP and Pres together during orienteering. She’s determined to keep them apart. Ominous music plays as the chapter comes to a close with the Vice President’s tears.

“Beautiful Pain” is another half-sisters in love story, this time brought together by a truck accident. Sean – this one’s totally for you. Both “she got hit by a truck” and “happily ever after,” …as long as they stay inside the bedroom. Reality is so going to be a bitch.

“Nanami to Misuzu” is ‘Nanami to Misuzu”-like.

It’s a small volume compared to recent ones. The stories are so varied that surely, if you are Yuri fan, you’ll find *something* to like.

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6 Responses

  1. landale says:

    Just curious – what’s Love Cubic about, since you won’t ever review it, lol. I’d assume from the title a threesome, but since I’m not Japanese and will probably never get to read it, I’d love to know.

    Just so it’s not one of those silly burning questions that keeps me up at night ;P

  2. Urinary incontinence. not something I particularly find interesting or sexually appealing.

  3. darkchibi07 says:

    Ugh. well that’s just a massive turn-off. How the hell did that get into Yuri Hime S?!!! -_-

  4. Because some people like it, obviously. I should have said that I don’t find it “romantically” appealing, since it’s not used specifically as a sexual fetish in that story.

  5. BruceMcF says:

    In that case, thanx for skipping it previously and now, and thanx in advance for skipping it in the future.

  6. landale says:

    o_O;; Okaaay, I can definitely see why you skipped it, and I’m certainly not curious any more. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    Certainly bizarre, but each to their own I guess.

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