Yuri Manga: Papaya Gundan, Volume 2

February 20th, 2009

Honestly, I was going to review Tsubomi today, but I wiping the floor with myself after this week, so here’s something much less like work.

Last November, I reviewed Volume 1 of Payapa Gundan (パパイヤ軍団★), a fun and adult look at the manager of a hostess bar and the women who work for him.

Volume 2 of the story picks up with Miyabi, the other guy in a black suit. He’s the early shift manager and, it turns out, an unforgettable lover. He also turns out to be a lot younger than anyone assumed. His story revolves around his gorgeous, young-looking mother leaving to get remarried and forcing him to take care of himself, and a lover that can’t stand to lose him.

Once Miyabi’s life is resolved, we turn to look at Kyouko, who comes out as an otaku, but not as a writer of BL stories, to Hajime. He’s cool with it until she takes off for a week to write her latest novel. Hajime, worried about Kyouko, drops by and ends up cleaning the apartment, cooking for Kyouko and eventually asking her to move in with him. She ain’t no dummy, so she says, yes – only to learn that she’s sharing the apartment with Hajime and his sister and her lover. But it’s all good, because when they have a kid, she’s got free babysitting. ^_^

Hajime is worried that a rival club is scouting Miyabi, but it turns out that his great-grandmother is the club owner and she buys Club Papaya too, so Hajime will never have to worry about closing. Kyouko watches Hajime stress over Miyabi and considers (not for the first time) pairing them up in a story. ^_^

In the meantime, Hajime’s sister Mika and her bi lover Chieri have hit an impasse. Chieri is still seeing and sleeping with the male customers. Mika doesn’t like it at all. Chieri says that she can’t understand – Mika’s young and she’s 26 already. She wants to settle down and get married, maybe have children – and this customer is planning on marrying her and taking her to America with him when he goes. Mika’s shocked – she didn’t know that Chieri wanted that kind of life…and she didn’t know Chieri was that old. Her club profile says she’s 22. lol Chieri accuses Mika of wanting to live in Neverland, two women together, pfft.

Mika asks to be put on the early shift and Chieri runs off to Miyabi to get some advice from the youngest – but wisest – person at the club. It’s not until she realizes that her fiancee is a terrible lover and that as long as she’s seme, she really, really likes making love to Mika, that she regrets her decision.

When at last Chieri and Mika are once again face to face, Mika holds out an amazingly expensive diamond ring that Chieri had admired and asks her to marry her. “Come live with me in Neverland,” Mika says. Chieri agrees happily. It turns out that Mika was working two jobs to save up for the ring. Chieri admits that she also was saving up to give Mika a present, as she hands her what looks to be a pack of postcards or stationary. “It ain’t much!” Mika says.

The epilogue shows this crazy extended family, very happily ever after. Miyabi, ever with an eye for the business, takes Kyouko’s and Hajime’s baby to the college he’s attending, to attract young women whom he recruits for the club. Kyouko’s left the club and become a BL novelist, Mika is a professional dance teacher, and Hajime is overstressed about everything, as usual.

I can’t tell you how refreshing this series is. It puts a smile on my face every time I read it. The girl gets the girl, the boy gets the girl, the girl gets the boy and Kyouko writes stories where the boy gets the boy, too. ^_^


Art – 4
Story – 8
Characters – 9
Yuri – 8
Service – 4

Overall – 9

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  1. deanbcurtis says:

    “Hey, Lililicious? Nudge, nudge.”

    Utterly shameless.

    …And I second the motion. :)

  2. @deanbcurtis – It’s not for me. I don’t read scans much these days. It’s for y’all. :-)

  3. Katherine says:

    This story sounds great! :D (“Come live with me in Neverland,” what an awesome line! ^^) I’d love to see this manga scanlated also.

  4. Katherine says:

    Sorry, also, do you know the name of the mangaka who worked on this?

  5. @Katherine – Aoki Mitsue

  6. bell says:

    “Hey, Lililicious? Nudge, nudge.”

    Utterly shameless.

    …And I second the motion. :)


  7. deanbcurtis says:

    And already Papaya Gundan has been added onto Lililicious’ planned projects. Looks like someone has Yakuza connections.

  8. @deanbcurtis How funny – I saw that yesterday. :-)

  9. grace says:

    thank you for a wonderful review. my heart is warmed. off to neverland…

  10. Rinu says:

    Oh, did I hear words like adult characters, Yuri, happy ending, no oneesama school theme, yaoi doujinshi mangaka? Wow, wow, wow. I can’t wait to be a witness of kindness of Lililicious’ hard workers again =3. And meanwhile I can feed my piggy bank for supporting a right voice of market ^^.

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