News Brief: Aoi Hana Anime Announced

March 6th, 2009

Shimura Takako’s Aoi Hana manga is being made into an anime. How interesting, don’t you think?

Like, Hayate x Blade by Hayashiya, and Girl Friends by Morinaga, Aoi Hana is another series by a woman, about girls, ostensibly for a male audience. It runs in Erotics F magazine.

I’m starting to think that this may well be the future of Yuri. Your thoughts?

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11 Responses

  1. This time it’s no longer subtext, or requiring the “goggles”. Rather, this one’s straight up canon, as one forumer at ANN excitedly says.

    For those thinking it’s based from a date simulator game (LOL), they better ask Erin to be enlightened. xD

  2. Dorota says:

    Oh my! This mangaka deserves an anime so much it pains my heart. At least there will be justice.
    J.C. Staff seems fitting, too (I’m not such a fan of theirs, but they have their share of experience animating adolescent girls).

    I’m not sure about the future of the genre, but the trend of mature (or maturer, to abuse the language a bit) seinen Yuri is exciting me. Could it be considered a fresh perspective, maybe?
    (And Manga Erotics F is one of the most intriguing magazines out there – publishing a plethora of young talents like Shintaro Kago, Jiro Matsumoto or Shimura Takako. Thumbs up, definately.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Aoi Hana is another series by a woman, about girls, ostensibly for a male audience. It runs in Erotics F magazine.”

    You’re wrong here, Erotics F is an alternative magazine that targets bother gender: it even include a few BL serializations.

    Besides, this anime is going to be broadcast on Fuji-tv, which doesn’t favor the otaku as much as other stations (although it’s not as anti-otaku as NHK), so their choices for anime adaptations, and their treatment of them is most of the time quite serious, trying to take into account both genders. Heck, even the legendary Sazae-san runs on Fuji!! That’s pretty much says it all.

  4. Katherine says:

    I’m just dancing for joy that this manga is being animated! XD *happy dance* It’s interesting to know that the magazine that Aoi Hana runs in targets both genders. I’m definitely looking forward to this.

  5. Shaya says:

    YES!!!! I love this series and this mangaka!!

  6. Eric P. says:

    I wouldn’t have expected this particular manga to getting an anime, I would’ve assumed Hayate Cross Blade would happen sooner. Even so, I’d like to check out this series and their treatment of the manga.

  7. warpshadow says:

    If this is technically a guy’s comic adaptation then it’s a good thing because it means that having a male audience doesn’t automatically reduce any Yuri to something like Koihime Musou.

  8. deanbcurtis says:

    I see the conga line of ecstatic Shimura Takako fans has arrived, and I’ll hop right in. We’ll need these kind of numbers when it comes to getting Hourou Musuko adapted.

  9. ellie-i says:

    Oh my word. Oh my WORD. I cannot believe- I never imagined this in a million years! Excuse me while I spin around in my swivel chair for a moment.

  10. Senbei says:

    Aoi Hana is… not my favorite story in the Yuri canon, but it’s a good one. I am excited this will be adapted (and so quickly!) by J.C. Staff. I’m crossing my fingers for a closer adaption than Blue Drop.

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