Yuri Anime: [ẻl] (English)

March 20th, 2009

Did you know that the tagline for Rare Flix is “The Films Everyone Else Forgot”? It is, really. And sometimes we have to take a moment and remember why exactly, they were forgotten. ^_^

The plot of EL, such as it is, involves a post-apocalyptic earth, the “good” guys, called the Snipers, and the “bad guys” who are all women, called the Black Widows. What the Black Widows are actually doing is a little fuzzy, and I find it hard to get behind the “good guys” who use gang rape as an interrogation tool.

Our heroine, El, is an elite Sniper, as witnessed by the fact that 1) she wears a microskirt and halter top. That’s always a dead giveaway. And 2) she is the heroine. Duh.

El is hired to be the bodyguard of one of the two top pop idols of the world, a girl named Parsley. Parsely immediately begins throwing herself at El, since El is clearly the only character in the entire series who doesn’t suck. Stuff happens and everyone dies. Seriously. Everyone but El is dead by the end of this DVD.

Let’s cut to the chase here. This story bit; it is full of non-consensual sex and torture. But the lesbian sex was entirely consensual, not too cliched and actually had genuine affection and even sincere protestations of love. So, those parts weren’t too bad. Unfortunately, everyone dies by the end, which sort of puts a downer on the whole story. Oh well, it’s not like we were waiting for the next installment, anyway.


Art – 4
Story – 4
Characters – 5
Yuri – 9
Service – 37.5

Overall – 5

This is is one of those anime that you think as you watch it, “Why the hell is hentai always made for the loseriest losers ever? If it were made for me, it really would have not sucked nearly so bad.” But, reality check, hentai is made for the loseriest losers ever, so joke’s on you. Hah.

My sincere, erm, thanks, to Rare Flix/Kitty Media/Media Blasters for this. Yes…thanks….

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3 Responses

  1. Erica- “But the lesbian sex was entirely consensual, not too cliched and actually had genuine affection and even sincere protestations of love.”

    I got the same feeling about that when I watched Oni Tensei, the Demon Collection DVD. While it definitely is rough on the non-consensual side, it does have a good share of Yuri moments that comes out ok in the end (i.e. Not everyone dying).

    While I won’t throw a high recommendation for it, it does have an EPL™ that is so evil, nothing I’ve seen in anime comes close to the stuff she does.

    And to it’s credit, it does feature a pale skinned doctor who always has a grim smile who works with female patients in rape cases, but he’s actually a nice guy who isn’t involved in any sex scenes at all. That has got to be worth some kind of medal.

  2. michiru42 says:

    Yeah, it’s too bad most hentai is all rape stuff and screaming. I remember when they hired veteran porn actresses to voice some adult anime. One of them, Asia Carrera, put in her blog how disgusting she thought it was! This is a woman who had been performing every sex act known to man for almost a decade, and she was repulsed by the stuff. Cracked me up.

  3. Hmaster says:

    Very Nice. Good job.

    waiting for new posts

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