Yuri Monogatari Launch Party Report

April 19th, 2009

I only took a few pictures, and these aren’t all of them. But at least I remembered to take pictures, so you have to give me some credit!

First of all, as always I want to thank Bruce, Serge, Donna, Sean and Kelli. You guys are truly the best. And of course, I want to thank my wife, because. And *of course* I want to thank Rica, JD, Jess and Althea for coming and making the night a total blast!

So we arrived early, and Donna immediately began to shop. The Rare Flix store doesn’t just have anime, they have a really amazingly diverse selection of live-action, horror, porn, sci-fi, cult movies, anime, with nice Yaoi and Yuri sections, and the occasional totally random item like Pride and Prejudice.

(Click on the pictures for larger versions.)

Bruce, always ready to do whatever, doing whatever.

Serge, who was piling candy on plates with determination, as if he was playing tetris or something. The man was possessed.

This sign in the bathroom warmed the cockles of my heart. I had to take a picture.

We eventually corralled all four guests and made them pretend to be having fun. :-) From the left to right they are: Jessie, Rica Takashima, Althea and JD.

I stepped outside for some air, and got this picture.

And here are a chunk of people watching the YM6 trailer. They look a little creepily engrossed here, I think. lol

We gave away a few prize bags, we marveled at the $600 velvet box set of the entire Cream Lemon anime series, people bought a ton of stuff. (Honestly, I don’t think anyone walked out there empty handed. Even I bought the complete Dangermouse box set – oh, yes, there is one and they had it. That’s what I mean by they have an amazingly diverse selection.) We all had a nice time hanging out, forcing asking the guests to sign books and chit-chatting with everyone. A very laid back and fun night for all.

I hope to do this again for the next book – it was really a great party. Thanks to our guests and to everyone who came, thanks everyone who wished us well and thanks, as always to all the heroes who support ALC by buying Yuri Monogatari 6!

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