Yuri News This Week – May 16, 2009

May 16th, 2009

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Yuri Anime

The website for the Lyrical Nanoha Ist movie is open – now with trailer. There was some outrage at the character designs (why fans get outraged so easily over every little thing still fascinates and bewilders me) but they appear to look pretty much on model to me. Better than the inconsistent designs of the first series, to me anyway. This movie is a “retelling” of Nanoha and Fate’s meeting, so I expect fans will be outraged at that, too. :-)

Anonymous wrote in to point out that the finale for Candy Boy aired last week, inciting as much controversy here on Okazu as it does anytime we talk about it. The ONA was extremely popular and undoubtedly a successful venture in Japan. I would be very very interested to know if that translated to good sales. Here’s a question for those of you who liked the series – would you buy the DVDs? My gut tells me that the audience here in the west is unlikely to covert to a market and thus, while the series is popular, it would not be financially successful, should it be released here.

Sean was immensely pleased to note that the Simoun box set shipped a full *month* early from Right Stuf. Sadly, the link above is to Amazon from which it has not yet shipped.


Yuri Manga

Sevens Seas will be releasing a Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl Omnibus, it looks like in two volumes. Release date is later in 2009.


Yuri Live Action

Whenever I mention this series, controversy breaks out, because while those who think it is Yuri see it clearly, equally those who do not, have kittens. Nonetheless, a live-action version Bubblegim Crisis 2012 has been greenlighted. Since the plots of all previous series weren’t exactly examples of excellent writing, when it gets rendered down into the same one move all action movies are right now, it ought to be fine. :-) However, as it is live-action, expect no Yuri, except in your imagination.


Did I mention you can get Okazu on your Kindle? Seriously, I’m totally stoked about that. lol

Anyway, this is a good place to stop for this week.

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9 Responses

  1. scottfrye says:

    People can buy Simoun from here as well.

  2. @scottfrye – The reason for the Amazon links is that the Yuricon Shop is an affiliate there. We are not an affiliate for other shops, so, that is why the links there are not posted here. :-) People are of course welcome to buy from anywhere they like.

  3. scottfrye says:

    @Erica Friedman – ahh…I see. That makes sense. Duh!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I actually did buy the first Candy Boy DVD, and as I understand it, it did extremely well sales-wise. I intend to buy the second DVD as well.

  5. Candy says:

    I remember when I got my fruits basket dvd a whole month early and my maria season 3 also a month early. Right Stuf seems to send out their box sets as soon as they get them which rocks for us who preorder.

  6. AudioErotica says:

    I just pre-ordered the Candy Boy Vol. 2 Lovely Edition from Amazon.co.jp. So I would say that hai, some Candy Boy fans on this side of the Pacific will get the DVD. I’m doing it for the 8th Episode and I’m curious as to what the drama CD holds even though my Japanese is horrible!

    Awesome news about the Simoun early release to RightStuf! Pre-ordered the box-set from them as an anniversary present for my GF… I guess she’ll be getting one of her gifts a little early for putting up with me for 12 years. ;) Thanks for the info!

  7. Louise says:

    One more thing which was made during last two weeks – a short interview with Akiko Morishima. Published at polish comix (also Yuri) website–> http://www.comixgrrrlz.za.pl/wyw05.html

  8. Anonymous says:

    Squee, Bubblegum Crisis!

    It won’t be 2041, and I kind of doubt they’ll put Sylvie in, and Daley won’t be as wonderfully *fabulous*, but still…

    Apparently the casting for the four major female roles in the film will be two Asian and two Caucasian women.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Leia Weathington of Bold Riley was recently interviewed by Anime News Network’s “Chicks on Anime” column.


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