Alice on Deadlines Manga: Volume 3 (English)

July 3rd, 2009

If you have read Volume 1 and/or Volume 2 of Alice on Deadlines, then you already know what’s going to happen in Volume 3.

There will be service, there will be lots of screaming, there will be lots of running around, cross-dressing of all kinds, and a new, crazy, violent character will arrive, throwing Alice into danger and forcing Lapan to deal with his past. But in between these snippets of plot, there is more service.

We begin with service, with a beach episode, in which we are treated any number of bathing suits that defy the laws of physics. Ume has a little crisis because he realizes that Lapan will never truly see him has a woman…I admit to being a little confused as to his transition as well. It’s hardly important in a grander scale but there’s some inconsistencies from volume to volume that confuse me as a reader.

But then Alice is captured by crazed, broken Shinigami Regina Rosso, who was clearly involved in Lapan’s tragic past. He traps Alice in a beautiful but mute doll’s body, forcing both Lapan and Alice to recognize their feelings for eacch other. The volume ends with a shocking revelation that really isn’t shocking, but we’ll pretend it is. ^_^

Yuri comes in a variety of flavors this volume. Ume’s feelings for Lapan in Alice’s body have not changed. Lapan in Alice’s body and Alice in the doll’s body make a nice Yuri-looking couple, and poor Someya, the one lone human girl in all this, still has strong affection for her sempai Alice, no matter how she’s used by Lapan or abused by Ume.

I’m not at all sure whether I’m just getting immune to this series, or it’s getting better. ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 3
Characters – 3
Yuri – 4
Service – 7

Overall – 4

Our Sponsor for today’s review is Okazu Superhero Amanda M – many thanks Amanda for the entertainment!


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